Life in the fast Lane Chapter 5 Finale

Living in the fast lane Chapter 5

Wednesday I called the Road Commission asked when they thought Route 100 would be cleared, the secretary who answered the phone told me they had a couple of trucks down, apologized for the inconvenience she did not think Route 100 would be cleared till Friday.

According to the news emergency vehicles were getting stuck, volunteers went out with their tractors and whatever other machinery they had to help. I knew I needed to clear the snow off the roof. Jazzile was scared I might fall and hurt myself, if the emergency vehicles could not get here to help me she would not know what she would do if something were to happen to me. I told her I would be fine, I have done this a million times, and I needed to get the weight off the roof.

She finally agreed that I should do it. She spent some time getting accounts set up to do her work at home, put together a makeshift office in the old master bedroom using the coffee table as a desk, setting up pillows to sit on and leaned a pillow against the wall for support. That is where I left her, she was working away on her computer, and we had bought a Verizon air card which her boss said he would put the monthly payment for the air card in with her pay.

First thing I did was open the barn, I stood looking at all that had been accomplished, I was lost in thought for a half hour before I got started on the roof. Grabbing the large ladder, my support gear to tether me so if I were to slip it would keep me from cracking my head open, I really do not think with as much snow as we have that was going to be an issue. Grabbing the roof rake I started to make a path about a foot wide giving me a space to climb up and work on the roof. Once on the roof I tried to methodically work the area opposite the barn then slowly work my way to the other side of the roof.

After finishing and putting things away I went inside to find Jazzile I expected to find her in the kitchen or still at her computer. Her coat was still on the hook as were her boots, but she was nowhere in the house. I walked to the water’s edge, called her name a dozen times, went back to the barn called for her. The truck was still in the barn she could not have gone far. I did not see any foot prints, standing there panic started to seize me, I had no idea where else to look I called her phone, it rang in the house, I ran in hoping somehow I missed her.

Walking back out the front door I noticed her slipper laying alongside the house, I stared at it trying to make sense of why it would be lying there like that, when the horror gripped me, I ran to the large mound of snow I pushed off the roof and started to dig and dig till my hands were blue and bloody, I stopped only long enough to call 911.

By the time someone arrived I was sitting in the snow holding my Jazzile in my arms rocking and sobbing, I was so inconsolable they took me to the hospital, and took Jazzile’s remains to the morgue.


3 thoughts on “Life in the fast Lane Chapter 5 Finale

  1. OMG!!! Of all things!!! Who would’ve EVER thought Jazzie would die like that?!! That must’ve been one heck of a pile of snow on the roof. Poor Jazzie!
    What a great and entertaining story this is Christine…I sooo enjoyed reading it very much.

    Liked by 1 person

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