New Years Resolution Chapter 3

New Years resolution Chapter 3

I arrived at work 10 minutes ahead of my normal arrival, went directly to my cubical, put my things away. As I sat down to turn my computer on I heard something in my bosses office, he is not usually here at this time, I was concerned since he has many of the files concerning the Anderson case sitting on his desk.

I went over the door which was cracked open, what I saw was a man in a suit, he turned when he heard me at the door.

I said “Can I help you? Do you have an appointment with Mr. Burns?”

I recognized the gentleman as the district attorney, he knows better, some say he is as corrupt as John Anderson and company.

Brian Meuner said “I do have an appointment with Mr. Burns, I am a bit early is all.”

I said “Mr. Meuner, step out here I will get you a cup of coffee, a doughnut or bagel if you desire.”

He politely declined the offer of refreshments, came out of the office sat down on a chair next to my desk. I sat, looked directly at him when he said “I hear your quite the sweetheart around here.”

I responded “Excuse me?”

Meuner: “All your bosses like you, say you are nice to the clients and efficient, the office staff says you are like the girl next door, yet a friend of mine Corey Graham said you are an ice queen.”

I smiled slightly lightly squinted my eyes and said “What’s it to you, and what is your point exactly?”

Meuner: “Just making conversation is all.”

Me: “I am seeing it differently, you know better than to go into my Bosses office when he is not there, also your seeing if you can push my buttons, so to me this is not just making conversation as you say, it is more like you being an ass hole.”

Now that felt good, never I a million years would I have said that, thought it but never would have said it. I like the idea that Corey is talking about me, it is usually me doing that wondering about the other person. My resolution may actually bring a resolution to my empty heart syndrome.

Mr. Burns walked up and said to Meuner ”Your early, Helen I see is keeping you company.”

I said “Actually Mr. Meuner, was under the impression he could wait in your office for you till I made it clear he needs to wait out here for you.”

Tom’s eyebrow went up as he turned to Meuner and said “Well, seems you have been a bad boy, I heard you have a reputation for such shenanigans, glad Helen is on her toes.”

Tom turned to me and smile then said “Bucking for that raise Helen?”

I smiled and said “No thank you sir.”

That made him laugh and say “Touche’.”

If Meuner was confused by our conversation he did not show it, what did come across loud and clear he was pissed at me. I love it, in the passed if someone was pissed at me I would obsessed over the reason and would need to make amends. I picked up the phone and made an appoint with the salon across the street, my lunch will be spent getting a new hair do.

I came back to work after lunch with blonde spiky hair, no more shoulder length dishwater brown. Heads turned so quickly I wonder if anyone was going to get whiplash. My boss came back after an extended lunch walked over to me and said “Good for you Helen, it looks great!”

I spent the rest of the day on cloud nine, I also made a decision to be nice to Corey, being that he either works for or with Meuner. May be I can get a few digs about Meuner with Corey hoping he will share it with Meuner.

I left the office an hour late, the grand jury came back said they did not have enough to indite John Anderson. Mr. Burns said there will be a raise and a little extra on my next pay check. My report showed some discrepancies in Mr Anderson’s testimony which needed polishing.

Stepping into the train, there was only one seat left, next to another commuter but not Corey, I remembered Corey liked the pub at the second stop, that is where I got off. I found Corey sitting alone in the corner with a beer in front of him, a folder opened, I ordered a beer for me and Corey, sauntered over and sat down. He looked up with surprise written all over his face “Well hello Helen, nice hair, and nice to see you.”

Thank you Corey, I needed a change, and also I want to apologize for being an ice queen, I have decided to make some changes in my life and not get involved with every guy I come in contact with who seems to be interested, like Meuner, he is an ass no hope there.”

Corey laughed and said “Now there is something we agree on.”

Me: “Tell me Corey is Meuner your boss, we never have gotten into the particulars of what we do for a living, although I got the impression from Meuner that you know who I work for.”

Corey closed the folder he was working on, leaned back and said “You wouldn’t necessarily know me, your boss would, I have been lead detective on several cases your boss has handled.”

Me: “Now Corey, you pretending to be interested in me to get info, or to garner some sympathy?”

Corey: “Neither, when I first asked you for a drink I had no idea who you were till you told me your name, the fact you got onto the train at that particular station suggested you are the Helen Morris I have read in reports.”


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