New Years Resolution Chapter 4

New Years Resolution Chapter 4

We both ordered a burger and fries another round of beers which Corey insisted I let him buy this time. I smiled nodded my head congenially, we chatted amiably sharing the basics. Corey had his car with him this time, but since we both had a few to drink he grabbed a change of clothes from the trunk of his car, and we went to my place. The desert was delicious, the next morning we went out to breakfast, retrieved his car and went for a drive. We made a pact, not to talk about work, also that we would see where this relationship would go.

We stopped at this nice cafe out in the middle of no where, drove slowly back to my place after picking up steaks, salad makings, beer, also stopped at his place pick up some essentials, the evening was spent in each others arms, then grilling in the back yard. Larry came down the stairs, stopped dead in his tracks, took one look at Corey and turned on his heels and walked away without saying a word.

Me: “That was odd, Larry is usually chatty and personable.”

Corey smiled both eyebrows raised, eyes wide and said “Your neighbor is a registered sex offender, seems he has a habit of having a few too many and pisses where he pleases.”

Me: “Seriously someone charged him as a sex offender?”

Corey: “Newbie Patrolman, he said that he gave Larry a few chances only to get the finger so, it seems he has made an enemy.”

I made a mental note to talk to Larry about getting his record expunged.

The rest of the evening was splendid, waking up in a sweat of gooey love it is wonderful, showering together is even better, but I told Corey I am kicking him to the curb so I can get some work done before Monday morning. Before Corey left he said to me “I know we said we would not talk about work, but with your back ground I bet you could get a better job working for the district attorney, and before you say no way, Meuner is on his way out, too many discrepancies, and you did not hear that from me, they are moving him down state, and he will be an assistant rather than the main man.”

Me: “That sounds interesting, I would not mind working for the good guys for a change, although my boss said I was getting a raise and a bonus next check, so we will see how generous he is with the raise, that would have to be my starting salary.”

Corey nodded and gave me a kiss goodbye.

I went over the Stevens file there was not much for me to add or subtract, as I was putting it into my briefcase, I heard Larry come home, I went up stairs and knocked on his door, he came out arms folded and said “What!”

Me: “I come in peace, and bringing some information that you may want to hear.”

Larry: “Ok come in.”

I told Larry which of the attorney’s in my office that could finagle a deal, and get his record expunged, that he may have to do some community service and go to a few meetings also promise never to piss in public. He said first thing tomorrow he will make an appointment, and thanked me profusely.

I went back to my place, my cell phone was ringing it was my Boss Mr. Burns, he asked if I was doing anything for dinner, I asked if this was work or other, he said other, I told him I was seeing someone, and that I do not date those for whom I work especially my boss, he said that if I played my cards right he would not be my boss much longer. After hanging up I called Corey told him of the conversation and asked him to get me an application. Corey laughed and said he would, and added, maybe he was talking about a different kind of raise.

After hanging up I was convinced that Corey was right. Mr. Burns is an ass.

Corey did not get me the application till Thursday of that week, he said he wanted to wait till all the politics was finalized with respect to Meuner’s transfer. Corey and I agreed to meet after work Friday at my place, pick up a few things for me and we would spend time at his place downtown, walking distance from a bar his cousin owns.

When I received my check I received an extra $50 bonus, and a 2% raise. Pittance, I took my lunch break to speak to my future boss, before I left work at the law firm I gave my 2 week notice, Mr. Burns got wind of it and said, I could pack up then and there a severance will be sent to my place. I went to Mr. Burns boss to be sure I was dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s he wished me luck and just consider leaving early a paid vacation before I start my new position.


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  1. Woot! This is getting crazy! I love that she has 3 different men showing a interest in her. Corey seems to be the most easy going one out of them all. Larry will clean his act up and Burns seems to be leaving a trail of fire. ha ha

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