Vintage Snowmobile Poem

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Vintage Snowmobiles

It’s mechanics can be savored

pleasure endures years fusion

Each unique quality

each aromatic nuance

examined by it’s heir

Gratification derived

From the betrothal

between man and machine

Vintage snowmobiles

A taste savored

within the crisp environment

Angular and austere

only compared to

A fine wine or woman

To be savored and enjoyed



When he calls Poem

When He calls Poem

I hear my phone my heart skips

is it going to be his voice I hear

my heart pace rapidly changes

sweat beads on my hands

I drop the phone with nervous desire

Once I answered my loves voice says

I love you just needed to hear you

Is it real or is it lust?

Each time I say yes!

When he is near his scent

brings my desire to it’s peak

Can I trust the influx of desire

Is it real or is it Lust?

Passage of time is the true test.

Now 30 years we have zest

the desire has melded into love

a gift we both believe from above.

As the wind blows

As the wind Blows

Strength from within is needed in this life

Know who you are and where your going

Taking on the World as the wind is blowing

Your roots being deep within integrity

Learning from mistakes and failure

Allow the wind to blow away the obscure

Do not be tossed and turned around

By those with many doctrines

Allow the wind to sift out the options

His voice is a whisper

Within the wind

And within the whirlwind

In the silence of each day

listen for the voice

The wind will bring the choice

Taking on the World as the wind is blowing

Tick Tick Tick

Tick Tick

Tick Tick it comes on quick.

The time has hands which slip by each second coming closer to the end.

Attention should be paid with each tick that escapes a moment in each breath we take.

This life is a gift let us not be remiss in listening to each tick of the day.

The sound it makes whispers away a moment lost.

No turning back the ticking clock.

Winding up the day with choices we make creates waste of time.

Tick Tick it comes quick.

Kiss the loved one each day.

The time has hands which slip by each second coming closer to the end.

Leave no apologies unsaid

Attention should be paid with each tick that escapes a moment in each breath we take.

The breath may be taken away like a thief in the night.

This life is a gift let us not be remiss in listening to each tick of the day.

Accidents happen no chance to say goodbye.

The sound it makes whispers away a moment lost.

Moments lost in anger, give remorse and love.

No turning back the ticking clock.

Put heart and soul on ones sleeve.

Set the timer to go off the rails.

Enjoy each moment with sails of freedom to create.

No time wasted only tasted.

Torrential – Prose


Impeded by chaos my mind funnels what information is supplied.

How to turn the swirl of thoughts into calm meditation.

Unless a grip is attached to this chaos there will be more loss of value to supplication for help. How does one help when the funnel churns thoughts into a myriad of abyss.

A tornadoes funnel sweeps these choices away from minds grip.

When relationships core is not secure the rift will cause a chasm.

It will no longer be a squabble instead a breach will be made.

Take a breath within ones mind.

Hold the tongue secure with love.

Lest prides passion takes the will power to a level beyond the hearts reach.

Within minds gasping for control and meaning.

Use the moments pause to chronicle the meaning of love.

Love is gold more precious then prides passion.

Take stock in the bonds tender.

At the end of the torrential moment the importance of this stock shares a life time of annuity granted in intervals that life brings your way.

Hold to the option of worth rather than what corrodes the hearts health and meaning of life. Which is love.

Life Encrusted- Poem

Life encrusted

Temperatures drop below oblivion

If given a chance will bite your skin

With the teeth of winter sting

As we walk in it’s icy grip

inching our steps so not to slip

Chattering teeth clinching our lips

Swaddled in winter attire

Wanting to be near a fire

Scrunching steps of desire

Closer will our wish be met

Once within our habitat

Cabin fever hovers as a gnat

The mind wanders forlorn

searching memories once warm

Spring is not yet born

Poetry and writing

Is ever so inviting

creative juices enticing

Walk with my mind

Life will not always kind

meander with mankind

Trials and tribulations

happiness in some occasions

Bring no expectations

Open your heart

there will be a part

A Characters soul will impart

Warmth and joy

Within the winters ploy

curl up and enjoy

A Choir Sings Poem


A Choir sings

A choir sings in chorus of

what the song it believes

is it peace and love

or more nefarious strings

each chord to bring together

in peace or discord

Misogyny is a chorus sung

yet those who yield to its force

will one day sing a braver song

Moving on being a choice

no need for song of strife

nor that of woos to me

My strength is within

there words can never reach

Only songs of strength

Peace and love

Will my chorus be

For within each

who choose a better way

can this world be

filled with peace and love

Joy awaits to all who hear thee

Kicking it – Short story

Kick it Short story

Recently I have been going to a counselor. I am trying to kick a habit. The counselor suggested I journal the moments that trigger my desire. I agreed to do this. Also She suggested that when the trigger occurs I change the venue. Get up and do something else or leave the room. Exchange one habit with another. I believed this to be excellent advice.

My Neighbor Millie usually stops by first thing in the morning for coffee and gossip. Promptly at 8 am. She knocks on the side door and with a soprano voice calls my name “Paula”

Monday after my husband left for work was no exception. There was a knock at the door, my name was sung out “Paula” I opened the door with my normal greeting “Good morning Millie how are you this morning?”

Millie was in full crescendo of the latest gossip about anyone I may know and those who I do not know. What was different this morning is she stopped mid sentence with a question “Oh Paula I was wondering what you were trying to give up. Coffee! That is why your seeing the counselor. I do not see your coffee pot.”

I said to Millie “Actually Millie I was just on my way out the door for a walk. Then I will be going to read to my elders this morning. Would you like to come along.” I knew she would say no. Those are two things Millie hates to do. She hates exercise and volunteering. Millie believes if you are going to do something for one of the multi million dollar industry’s like health care or housing the elderly they should pay you.

Millie went home I went for my walk. Once home I showered and went to read to some nice ladies at the assisted living facility.

After 2 weeks of me having something to do in the morning when Millie danced over she stopped the routine.

Millie thought it was coffee I gave up. I put this in my journal that it worked. No gossip song sung.

On Saturday mornings my husband plays golf with a friend he leaves at 9am for his regular tee time. His golfing buddies wife usually drives over to have coffee in hopes of me making us breakfast.

Her routine is as soon as my husband picks up her husband, she jumps into her mini van and drives over. I would not mind this so much if Claudia would volunteer to cook the breakfast. Or at least help with the clean up. In the year I have known her she has not done either.

Claudia pulled up in her mini van I was out in my garden puttering around. Claudia walks up and greets me in her usual way “Good Saturday too you Paula. Been looking forward to a girls breakfast.”

I turned to look up at her and said “Good morning Claudia sorry I have had my breakfast.”

Claudia responded as she walked towards my kitchen door “Okay no problem I will just grab some coffee.”

I said nothing to deter her entrance into my kitchen. She promptly came back out and said “Oh you gave up coffee that is why you are going to the counselor. I did not see your coffee pot.”

I simply answered “I put it away off the counter.”

Claudia chatted for a moment then got back in her car. I noticed she went around the block then pulled into Millie’s drive way.

After my husband came home from golf, he asked how it went with Claudia I answered “Same as it went with Millie, they both thought I gave up coffee.”

My husband then said “Wow that is excellent. Okay I agree with you. Tonight Evan will be coming over to mooch beer and pizza. How do you propose I do this?”

I said “Mike I want beer so what we will do is have beer in the cooler. Put the cooler in the back of the garage till Evan leaves. He will not stay if there is no beer in the fridge. Then we can pull the cooler out, have beer and order pizza.”

My husband smiled and said “You are devious. I will do just that.”

Mike took the beer out of the fridge. Went to the store for ice and produce to fill the area where the beer usually sat.”

Like clock work Evan pulled up knocked at the side door. Mike greeted him “Hey Evan what’s going on today. Have any plans?”

Evan “Well I thought I would swing by and have a beer or two with you?”

Mike “Oh sorry there is no beer in the fridge.”

Evan “Wow I heard Paula gave up coffee you gave up beer? You two must be getting old and boring.”

Mike just laughed. Evan stayed all of 15 minutes. Went around the block then pulled into Millie’s driveway.

I came outside by the garage which is in full view of Millie’s kitchen window. Mike had set up lawn chairs. I had ordered the pizza.

In my peripheral I could see face’s in Millie’s kitchen window. Mike and I cracked open our first beer toasted each other and downed the cold brew. The pizza came we had a couple of slices then took our party indoors.

Sunday morning Mike and I went to the lawn chairs still setting outside of the garage had a coffee and some donuts.

Somethings you do not have to wait till Lent nor New Years to give up gossips and freeloaders.

Shall I – Poem

Shall I Poem

How shall I

reignite the passion?

How shall I

give you a splash of color?

How shall I

rejuvenate your lust for life?

How shall I

diminish the chaos in your mind?

How shall I

Turn back the hands of time?

How shall I

Tie your past to the present?

How shall I

remove the dementia?

How shall I

Annihilate Alzheimer’s?

I shall

Visit with photos of memories

I shall

Bring your favorite cookies

I shall

Hold your hand in desperate moments

I shall

master your lucid days

I shall

Fill the now with love

The Reason – poem

The Reason-Poem

Why are we here within the realm

the universe can go on without us

we are part of the Eco system

caring for the garden

as we forge our way

through the vines of life

hacking away at foliage

which hinders our wants

instead of tending to the needs

never harming just tilling

leaving behind healthy soil

for another to come and plant

our lives making this a better place.

A word spoken in haste

can pull healthy growth

as well as weeds

let us then consider as we putter

in this garden of life

tend the garden

as if our lives depended upon it