Not a Fairy Tale Chapter 1

Not a fairy tale Chapter 1

I left town right out of high school worked as a waitress to put myself through college, once I completed my Doctorate in Psychology and forensics I went to work for the County Sheriff’s department where I lived.

I only had one real love in my life his name is Adam. He and I dated in high school, he broke up with me because I would not go all the way, hormones trumped love I guess. He said he was in love with me and if I truly loved him I would want to receive pleasure from him and give it to him. I simply told him I have plans for my life and do not want to take the chance and get pregnant. He said he understood but that he had needs. The next girl he dated was Prom queen by the name of Caroline, she had a reputation that transcended the crown. Adam married Caroline I believe because she became pregnant. Caroline’s parents were well off, rumor has it Adam signed a prenuptial agreement that if the marriage did not last he would not get a cent of Caroline’s money.

I have dated on and off deputies on the department I work for even dated the last Sheriff until he decided to marry the dispatcher, again because she was pregnant. It does seem like a pattern in my life, choosing the wrong men. The way I see it Adam chose the wrong girl, I still have feelings for him and think about him often. I received a phone call from a girl friend who still lives in the old neighborhood she asked if I heard that Adam was in the hospital where I live he and his wife Caroline were in a car accident, Caroline did not make it, I was stunned and conflicted to whether I should go see him. The decision was not all that difficult, I was on vacation for 2 weeks, and as I said I still have feelings for Adam.

When I walked in the room Adam looked like a life size rag doll with bandages and tubes coming out of him, the nurse tending to him said he has been in a coma for a couple of days.

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, whispered in his ear “I give now” Turning to see who walked in the room Esther, Adam’s mom’s face showed recognition and surprise when she said “Oh my gaud, Adam, Adam!” She turned and ran to get the nurse to tell her that Adam was responding, he was waking up.

Turning back to Adam I smiled lightly, he looked directly at me and barely audibly said “Celeste”

I leaned in again gave him another kiss on the cheek, the nurse who was in here when I arrived came back quickly, you could hear the squeaking of her shoes as she approached, she said “What is this a reverse Cinderella story, girl walks in leans and kiss prince charming and he awakens after being in a coma for a couple of days?”

Adam smiled his voice getting a tad stronger once he took a sip of water that the nurse offered, then said “This is Celeste my first love, do not tell my wife I said that.”

My stomach went into an immediate knot, realizing Adam does not know Caroline did not survive the accident.

Esther began to cry, Adam looked at her, the realization that something was not right was written on his face. He turned slowly to look at me. In my head I said “Shit”

Me: “Adam how much do you remember about the accident?”

Adam “It seemed like the car was aimed at us.”

I heard a familiar voice at the door I turned to it when I heard him say:

Adam you sure it was as if the car was aimed at you?”

Adam turned to see who was speaking, I introduced them: “Adam this is Detective Alex Morgan he is the Detective from the sheriffs department.”

Me: “Hey Alex?”

Alex: “Hey Celeste, so you know our victim here?”

Me: “Victim of a car accident or more?”

Alex: “It may be more due to some witnesses saying it looked like the car was headed at Adam Arnold’s car.”

I looked over at Adam he had fallen back asleep, I made sure it was sleep and not back into a coma, I whispered, his name, he grunted saying “I am really sleepy sorry”

Me: “Don’t be sorry Adam, rest so you can get better.”

I am glad I am at the beginning of my vacation, I want to spend time here. I talked with Alex a while about what they already found out. They are looking for a black Tahoe SUV, he had a partial license plate number and a description of a man. I decided to walk Alex out go home grab some of my things so I can camp out in Adams room. I am not a police officer but I have taken training, I am telling myself it is because someone may be out to kill Adam, but I know differently, I am still in love with Adam.


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