Not a fairy tale Chatper 2

Not a fairy Tale Chapter 2

Alex had told me there were no marks in the pavement which would show the vehicle braked. Witnesses said a white male approximately 6 ft, 210lbs dark hair, sunglasses, got out of the vehicle ran in the opposite direction; a few blocks down got into another vehicle with another male sunglasses dark hair. From all accounts 6 to be exact they all say he same thing “The car headed for that poor couple.” hitting the passenger side of the vehicle.

Now the questions that need answering is who were these two males and why would they want to hurt either of the passengers of this car.

I went back to Adam’s hospital room, with a pillow, blanket, thermos of coffee, packed a few things to eat in a mini cooler, book, laptop, now I am hunkered down, telling everyone except myself I believe Adam may still be in danger. Alex said he had agreed with my assessment and it would be wise to keep an eye on Adam, the department did not have the funds to put a deputy outside the door. I told Alex, that I would take a leave of absence if I have too. Alex did not think it would be necessary he would let me know.

Late that same evening Ivan Jacobs walked into Adam’s room, eyes were swollen from the grief of losing his daughter Caroline.

Me: “Mr. Jacobs, I am so very sorry for your loss.”

Mr. Jacobs “I am sure your not!”

Me” “Excuse me?”

He did not say another word to me nor did he make eye contact, he looked directly at Adam, with a stare that if his eyes could do the deed Adam would be dead.

Just as quietly as he entered the room, Mr. Jacobs left the room. This interaction left me wondering if Mr. Jacobs thought I had anything to do with this. I know it was no secret that I had a thing for Adam, but it would be lunacy to think I had anything to do with this.

The newspapers had a field day with this story being that Ivan Jacobs was a man well known in our community, his philanthropy, also he employed 30 percent of the residents in this small county, construction, landscaping, and also owns a 7 eleven.

Rumors started to surface some believe Adam was the target and not Caroline because Caroline was having an affair with one of Mr Jacobs partners. The other side of the rumor mill said the intended target was Caroline because the prenuptial agreement was only viable if the marriage ended in divorce not death. I have to admit the latter had me concerned, it had been a long time since I had been in contact with Adam, people change, he may have found out about the affair. I just do not want to believe it.

Two days after this accident another similar situation happened to another couple, the witnesses all agree on one point “The car seemed to be aimed at the poor couple.” Sad in this situation neither of the victims survived. Now this raised another question, is this terrorism? Again the driver of the vehicle got out ran in the opposite direction got into another vehicle with a driver at the ready.

For the time being since this incident happened identically Adam would not be considered a suspect, yet that did not get us any closer to what was going on.

Alex came in to fill me in on the current investigation, all the evidence points to this second incident being done purposefully, the only difference this time is the guy getting out of the car looked at the license plate, took a picture of it and the victims.

Me: “Took pictures of the victims, proof of death?”

Alex: “It could very well be or may be saving it for a web site if it is terrorism, they will want to brag.”

Numbed by the new information wondering what our Country is coming too, and why pick on Innocent people, why not be brave enough to do it militarily instead of as cowards, hiding in the shadows.

Adam is awake more now we are having a chance to catch up. I am able to ask some questions as a friend, not someone who works for the Sheriffs Department.

Me; “Adam, did you know Caroline was having an affair?”

Adam: “Only found out definitely that day, I had confronted her in the car on the way to lunch with her dad and mom.”

Me: “Did Caroline say it was serious or just a fling?”

Adam: “She said it was serious that she was in love with Floyd Jergenson.”

Me: “Do you mind if I tell Alex, Detective Davis ?”

Adam: “No I do not mind if you think it will help.”

It has been 5 days since the accident, it was a bit curious Adam did not shed a tear at hearing of Caroline’s death. He just stared at the wall shook his head sighed and closed his eyes.

Later we found out after the autopsy Caroline was pregnant, the corner was asked to do a DNA test on the baby due to the latest information about Caroline s infidelity, some lovers are not keen on having children.


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