Not a fairy tale chapter 4

Not A Fairy Tale Chapter 4

Floyd Jergenson came into the room, Adam turned his head looked directly at Floyd and yelled “So Floyd who were you trying to kill? You wife sucking fucking piece of shit!”

Floyd stopped dead in his tracks, stood silently for a moment. My gut was telling me he had nothing to do with it, now we are getting somewhere, my gut is finally talking. When Floyd finally spoke his face was wet with tears:

Floyd clearing his throat as he said “I am so very sorry Adam. I loved Caroline. I had loved her since she was a young girl. Her being your wife bothered me I think more than her. She told me she had already filed for divorce when we got together. I had asked her if that were the case why was she still living in the house? She said to maintain residency in the house for the divorce, that neither of you had to move out till the divorce was final, which take some time due to the money involved. I believed her Adam. I loved her and I did not know she was pregnant. Now I am wondering who’s baby it is.”

Adam said: “Wonder no longer Floyd, I was just told it was not mine so I gather the baby is yours.”

At that moment Alex walked into the room and said “Nope it is neither yours nor Floyd’s.” I looked at Alex with the same perplexed look as Adam and Floyd did.

Alex looked at me and said: “That is why I am late to relieve you. I had a hunch and asked your boss to run DNA on Alfred. Bingo, Alfred is the dad of Caroline’s unborn child. You know what Celeste this is starting to sound like a soap opera.”

Now Adam and Floyd were both speechless. I spoke up right or wrong I needed to get my dig in.

Me: “Well Adam some people do not change. You married the Prom Queen, who was Queen of the blow jobs, a screwing the baseball, basketball, football players, now it is just men in power.”

Alex grinned at me and said” “Well Celeste tell us what you really think why don’t you.”

Adam said: “Nah, I deserved that the way I left it with Celeste. One wrong decision after another.”

I left it at that. Feeling a tad ashamed of myself for lowering myself to that degree, by bad mouthing the dead. I apologized to all of them in the room.

Floyd: “I never knew that about Caroline.” He was crushed, totally brought emotionally to his knees. Adam reached for Floyd, who’s back was to him, patted him. Floyd turned to Adam, and said “So very sorry Adam.”

Adam was gracious and said “No hard feelings Floyd. You did not know any better. I actually have no excuse. I thought I could tame the beast. All I did was slow her down.”

I was feeling a bit numb. Alex came over to me put his arms around me and gave me a hug, whispered in my ear, “Go home for a couple of days. I have a couple of patrolmen who owe me favors. They will take turns babysitting till Saturday. You have 2 days to pull yourself together. I could use some of your intuition.”

I looked up at Alex and felt ashamed that I had not noticed he is in love with me. I answered him “I could use a couple of nights sleep in my own bed. A shower and a home cooked meal. How about coming tomorrow night for lasagne.”

Alex: “Wild geese could not keep me away.”

That was our secret joke. We had a case of a man who drowned. Everyone blamed it on his wife. Who was his second wife. 20 years his junior. His whole family hated her. Called her a bimbo. Said she married their dad for the money. She contended she married him for love. There was no money to speak of except his retirement and now insurance.

As it turned out, a vacationer took a video of geese, chasing a man into the water. They thought it was funny later when it showed this same man drowning. The wife was indited for his murder the ruling hit the papers. The vacationers brought the video in when they read it in the papers. It clearly showed that the man could not swim and drowned in the panic.

I walked over to Adam said my goodbyes. He squeezed my hand, at that moment I realized what I felt for Adam was not a crush but anger. Which needed venting, now that I did that, I pitied him not loved him.

Floyd walked out with me. Once we got in the elevator he turned to me and said “Tell me the truth was Caroline a good person?”

I said “Floyd I will answer that question with a question, does a good person cheat on their spouse, and cheat on her lover all at the same time.”

Floyd dropped his head and stared at the floor. We parted in silence once the elevator made it to the main floor.

What is it about when your adrenaline comes crashing down, you feel exhausted and dirty. I need a shower and some sleep. Even though I dozed in the chair, it was not that rem sleep people talk about.

After I had a salad, soup which I made and froze for just such a time, half a sandwich, I showered, set up the coffee for morning and dragged myself into bed.


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