Not a fairy tale chapter 5

Not a fairy tale Chapter 5

My dinner with Alex was amazing, I seen a side of him I had not seen at work. He understood my confusion when it came to unrequited, jilted love from high school. We swapped stories, the good the bad the ugly. As it turns out sex has a way of relaxing me to the point of sleeping for a good 10 hours. First time in my life I slept that long.

I felt refreshed, when I finally patted my bare feet and tush down the stair there was fresh hot coffee in the carafe. Flowers and cheese danish on the counter. Not sure where this is going but am enjoying the journey so far.

I went to the hospital, told the deputy that I will relive him for an hour. He was great full, he hates take out, loves his wife’s cooking. This will give him time to go home and heat some left overs.

After we were alone Adam told me that his Father in law came in, apologized for being such an ass. Adam then said that his Father in law was generous in also telling him he will get Caroline’s inheritance that her grandparents left her. Plus the insurance money. Here is where it got intense, mainly for me. I needed to take the high road. Adam asked me to run away and travel the world with him, saying we could reignite our love now that I give. That sat in my crawl bitterly, seriously, is that all he ever wanted in a relationship, then his marriage was perfect.

Me: “Adam, I enjoy my work, eventually after having hands on experience I want to become a forensic specialist. I have the degree, but I want experience. I am dating Alex, it is the beginning of something I believe will be special. I hope you will find what you are looking for. All that has happened I realize after you dropped me and went with Caroline, first I thought you chose the wrong woman and you would come to your sense’s one day and chose me. It took your wife’s death for me to realize that what I was feeling was unrequited love. The need for vindication, which I received when I blurted out all of Caroline’s conquests. To be honest Adam I believe you got what you were looking for in Caroline all along. Sex with no real fulfillment. When you said if I really loved you basically I would give, that is not love just lust and want for immediate gratification and control. I am glad I did not give you what you wanted.”

I sat down, started to read a book to use up the full hour I gave the deputy. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a man walk past the room, slowed down, did not stop, but then repeated the same behavior.

I took out my phone and texted Alex as to the behavior of this man. Letting him know he met the description of the man who fled the scene of the accident. Alex texted me back said he was on his way up. He will stand at the nurses station and observe. That was a relief because as I said I am not a police officer. But have had some training not enough to take down and make an arrest. I am good at self defense and very accurate with a hand gun, but the latter is not something I am ready to use in a hospital. If I were to be honest, I have only used it once against a human. Luckily just wounded him. That alone bothered me for sometime.

I looked over at Adam, realizing Cinderella did kiss Prince Charming hoping to wake him from his slumber, instead, I woke up a child that I hope will look for something more in his life then a piece of ass. Turning back to my book, just a bit too late I noticed the man who paused in front of the door. He stood just inside the door, Adam stared motionless, I sat still and said:

What can I do for you sir, who are you here to visit?”

Man: “ I am here to ask this man what he knows about Alfred and Meira Schultz.”

Me: “Do you have credentials, are you from the police department.”

He moved his jacket to show me his credentials, in the waistband of his dockers, I glanced there, at that moment Alex came up behind the guy, placed his forearm around the mans neck, gun in his back. Introduced himself as Detective Alex Davis, read him his rights. He had just finished when the deputy whom I relieved came back.

Alex, patted the man down, took out his wallet, cuffed him, and handed him off to the deputy, telling the deputy to take him in for questioning, for the murder of Caroline Arnold, and Albert and Meira Schultz.

When the man heard that he asked “Who the Fuck is Caroline Arnold?”

I looked at the man and Alex, with the huh? Look on my face. Alex was good at not registering his thoughts. He politely informed the man; “It was the first car you rammed into on purpose”

The man replied: “Oh the mistake, I will pay with my life.”

Now all of us stood in silence, Alex said to the deputy “Hold on, I have another question.”

Alex: “What mistake was that?”

The Man: “The license plate was almost the same, it was only one number off.”

This hit us all especially Adam like a ton of bricks, mistaken identity.


One thought on “Not a fairy tale chapter 5

  1. Juicy story! So targeting Adam and Caroline was a mistake..Maybe Floyd found out Caroline had been messing around on him and went after her..? Could it be Caroline was messing around with the neighbor man, Albert ?
    lol..well whoever was hired to hit and run is about to get caught!

    Liked by 1 person

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