Not a fairy tale Chapter 6 conclusion

Not a Fairy Tale Chapter 6

Mistaken identity was only half the story, as the man whose name is Ken Albert a known hit man for the Russian Mafia ie Cartel, was being transported to lock up, he got a jump on the 2 deputies. Thankfully he did not kill them, but he did get away.

I am no longer babysitting Adam. This has taken it up a notch, FBI is involved now. The FBI are going through the financials of Alfred and Meira Schultz’s there’s already enough discrepancies to warrant a hard look at where they were funneling the money and for who.

Before it was known that this was a mistaken identity plus the tie to Alfred through his DNA in the child Caroline was carrying; Adam’s and his father in law, Ivan Jacobs financials will be gone over as well. Adam will have to wait for his inheritance, all except the insurance money which is sizable.

I have a babysitter since I was seen with Adam when Ken Albert came into the room. Ken Albert’s intent seemed to be, finish the business even if it was a mistaken identity. Alex asked to be my babysitter, hope we are not caught with our pants down. Although there is no better way to go.

Floyd Jergenson is the one I really feel sorry for. Floyd’s financials will be gone through as well. Floyd is probably wondering what next. He thought Caroline was in love with him, only to find out she was not leaving her husband and she was having an affair with her neighbor Alfred.

As time went by Adam got out of the hospital. The FBI found that Caroline had been funneling money for Alfred; FBI came to the conclusion quickly due to the fact the book keeper of the Schultz’s spilled the beans in a plea deal. Witness protection for the book keeper.

All Schultz money was seized as was the accounts Caroline’s name was on. Ivan Jacobs had a good attorney so far so good for his financials. I bet the IRS will look closely after this.

Alex and I were enjoying our time together him being my babysitter. I went back to work, with Alex in tow. Late one night a victim was brought in all hush hush. It was my turn to play, pulling back the sheet I gasped, Floyd Jergenson was lying on my gurney. Clearly garroted, went through all the steps, he was murdered.

As I sat down, with a cup of coffee still had 3 hours on my shift to go; another hush hush came in, my stomach knotted, pulling back the sheet, this one was a present, Ken Albert was garroted. There was a note stuffed in his mouth; it read “Sorry for the inconvenience which Mr. Albert created, rest well all is done.”

Placing the note in the proper bag, tagging it I then passed it to Alex first. Alex looked at me with a touch of disappointment, we have enjoyed our time together. The FBI agent who was waiting for the results walked in, took the bag from Alex looked at it at me and said,”You got lucky sister.”

Don’t I know it! I am well, my financials are not in the hands of anyone other than me and my creditors. also I ducked a big mistake not hooking up with Adam in high school. To be honest I would not change a thing. Alex moved in his first day off. We are slowly considering more options. I am not ready for marriage. I am ready for Alex.


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