Finding my Chi Chapter 2

Finding my Chi Chapter 2

The girls I meet are usually self-employed or professionals. They like the outdoors yet love to cuddle in front of the fire. It is a must that they like dogs, I take Fred and Wilma nearly everywhere I go.

Celeste, I met her at a local estate auction. I enjoy going through books, and some of these estate sales the elders who had lived a long life would have rare books you could not find elsewhere. In my collection Gone with the Wind first edition in excellent condition. Celeste loves collecting dinner ware, she then sells them on line to those who love their old dishes, but broke one, or want a serving platter. Celeste has a good eye for what people want and need. She goes on line to track what people are looking for what they are buying then makes her choices with what she gleans from the information. I told Celeste when we started dating that I am a restless sleeper. I get up in the middle of the night and usually stay awake for a couple of hours before I return to bed. She said no problem that she is a heavy sleeper, the world could come to an end and she would sleep through it.

Our relationship lasted for 2 years. We seemed suited for each other, and she spent a good deal of time on line as did I. We enjoyed running the dogs, auctions.

Sitting by the fire, enjoying a glass or two of wine also watching old movies especially John Wayne, it seemed this relationship would have lasted longer had Celeste not considered my special hobby so bizarre.

The next relationship was Morgan, she was a paralegal who I met through work. We would talk about work and Morgan loved dogs, she was a trainer, she took the time to teach Fred and Wilma how to dance. It was fun, they still dance with me when I put some music on. That was a gift Morgan left me after she left me. I was hoping it would not be a problem if Morgan told anyone at work about my hobby. She said there would be no way she would tell anyone because she was too embarrassed even knowing what I do.

I thought her generation being that she is in her early 30’s would be more open minded but I was sadly wrong.

My next relationship lasted 3 years I really liked Kelly but alas it was not meant to be. She too found my hobby a bit distasteful. Go figure really, how is it that something as simple as a hobby could be so detrimental to a relationship. It is not like this is what I do full time for a living but just when I have nights I cannot sleep. I make a little extra cash. These girls should not complain since I use the extra to take them on trips. Kelly I took to England with me for a week paid all her expenses, so really where is the problem?

I need to meet a girl with an open mind, one that does not want to get married yet wants to have a fulfilling relationship with the opposite sex. Yes do not forget they have to love dogs. I am sure if I keep looking I will find the right girl, a companion into my old age.

Tonight I am to go to an event at the local shelter where I volunteer in the kitchen serving meals to those who are poor and especially those who are homeless. Tonight is supposed to be an appreciation dinner for all those who volunteer their time.

Sitting at the table some of those whom I have served were serving me. That is when I laid eyes on Connie. She was tall, dark brown hair and eyes, enchanting smile, I introduced myself asked her how is it that she is serving tonight. Connie said she had just lost her job and was about to lose her house, she came here for the first time two nights ago for a hot meal. The good news is Connie just landed a new job and is making decent money. She found an apartment and just moved in but she felt the urge to give back so she volunteered to serve tonight as a thank you to the organization which gave her a hot meal.

I set a date with Connie, inviting her to my place for a home cooked meal. She smiled and accepted quickly. I am hoping this dark mysterious woman will be in my life for some time to come.


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