Finding my Chi Chapter 3

Finding my Chi Chapter 3

I made Connie dinner, Fred and Wilma took to her right away. We like the same music, while we were playing the music I showed Connie how Fred and Wilma dance, so the four of us danced. Our first date went splendidly.

The second date Connie invited the three of us to her apartment; her apartment is on the bottom floor with a door wall leading to a common grassy area. The meal was simple, spaghetti, salad, wine. Tonight I thought I would give Connie just a taste of my hobby, not giving her all the details just a tip of the ice berg.

I had her sit on the sofa, Fred and Wilma laid at her feet. As I prepared my monologue, I do a great Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres, Sandra Bullock, Doctor Ruth. Donna was pleased with my performance she said she too does impressions.

So it was my turn to sit on the sofa and watch her performance. She did George Bush, Johnny Carson, Gregory Peck, and Willie Nelson. What an eclectic group, she sang me a Willie Nelson song “For all the girls I have loved before.” I laughed I know she was referring to me and my inability to hang onto a girl for very long. She also told me she would be a hard one to shake off all that easy. Hobbies are not the whole of a person just a way to make money or blow off steam. I was surprised she did not ask what this hobby was.

I ventured into uncharted waters when I asked this question “Connie, I am surprised you have not asked what this dastardly hobby is that scares off women?”

Connie answered “As long as it is not illegal you have a right to your hobbies and your privacy, as long as I am allotted the same respect.”

Me “Well I love your attitude; your open mindedness is refreshing.”

Connie smiled and said “Sean this is dependent upon how you are in bed.”

After I showed her my reflexology on a woman’s clitoris she will have no complaints from here on if that is the only thing standing in the way of me enjoying her company and me still participating in my special hobby.

Connie and I dated for a month before she moved in, at that point it was a choice of renewing her lease on the apartment or moving. I convinced her moving was the best option.

1 am one night I started to become restless, I got up this time instead of going to my office I went to the basement. This was early on in my relationship with Connie, I wanted to have privacy. I know what she said I had a right to the privacy and my hobby. The problem arose when I had to go to the bathroom, I was in the middle of something, so I tip toed up the stairs and continued what I was doing. After using the bathroom I heard a male voice coming from the living room, I did not flush the toilet but quietly went to take a look. It was Connie, she like myself was on the phone, I listened and was thrilled to find out she does what I do. This is a dream come true, she turned and looked at me, her Willie Nelson was flawless, I put my finger up the wait a minute one, and continued in my Ellen voice, she smiled we both finished at the same time.

I wanted to tell her how fun this was, she started first

Connie “That is your big secret that the other girls left for? That is absolutely ridiculous, what a great way to make money and enjoy your hobby of impersonations, which is the favorite of you followers?”

Sean “Ellen because some guys fancy themselves conqueror of all women, and can turn Ellen into a woman who loves to sleep with men. There are others who love Doctor Ruth, they do not want to look at her while they do it, but they think she can teach them a thing or two and visa versa, now your turn who is the favorite?”

Connie “Willie for one the women like his soft male melodic voice, and picture traveling around with him I suppose, also one that really surprises me is Mr. Rodgers I suppose they would like to be his neighbor.”

Sean “When did you start doing this?”

Connie “When I lost my job I was at the time doing the online dating a lot of the guys wanted phone sex, I got the idea of setting up my own account but have fun with it, using my gift of mimic becoming a man doing phone sex with women, I got popular pretty quick cuz I know what women like.”

Sean “Same here, I know what men like and the mimicking makes it fun for me, I could never personally get into phone sex I prefer the real deal.”

Well even though I told myself I would never re-marry I believe I have found my Chi with Connie, we now set a time every 3 days and make extra money, we are saving for our honeymoon to Greece.


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