No Name Chapter 2

No Name Chapter 2

Graduation came I was thrilled. I was not the valedictorian. You nearly have to be the harvest queen or something, yet I was the runner up. Salutatorian when they called my name Emma Hunter I actually heard a small gasp as if someone made such a dreadful mistake. What the whore is our schools Salutatorian? Will she not embarrass our school somehow in the future?

Nope I will not but the Valedictorian just might pose nude for a magazine to make extra cash for her habits that her parents do not know about. Then one day when she becomes Miss America all those pictures will come forward and the crown will be instantly tarnished.

Yes admittedly I am a bit bitter. One day their heads will turn and they will be asking me for advice. Or at least my autograph. Shall I rise above and not tilt my head in such a way to dismiss them? Hmm no I am not that evolved. I will have my body guards hold them off I will look benignly over their shoulders as if I did not see them, cuz this girl is moving up in the world.

I told my parents, do not put money aside for a dowry, I want to go to college .I do not want to share a room with a Valley Girl, K’ I want privacy and space. Also and this is the part I did not want to say out loud to my parents, I want privacy for other explorations. I will not experiment in drugs, yet there are a few things I am truly interested in. I will be incredibly selective, which will surprise even some of my suitors.

Time has finally arrived for me to drag my worldly goods to college my parents in all their wisdom found a flat for me. The flat isjust outside campus, pricey but oh so roomy and private. Something I did not know even before I was born my parents had high hopes for me. Gerber baby food, owned by Johnson and Johnson has a plan to put money aside for your baby- slash child’s education. My parents did that and other things that ensured me a good education and yes my sweet home away from home.

I also put money aside to buy used furniture, so I would not have to work to many hours to have fun. I have my nest egg, I can study and still afford to let lose once in a while.

My first night in my flat alone was a lot to absorb. First time home alone knowing parents will not be home soon. Nelson is now hours away not just next door. He chose a college across the country from mine. Yet with internet and cell phones, it can take the edge off the newness of the situation. I will not be mad at Nelson for already making friends, he chose dorm life. When I called he picked up I hear male voices clamoring to get noticed, not quite the party atmosphere yet, just the males of the jungle setting up the pecking order, who can be the most something or other.

I settle back in this big over stuffed new chair, yes new. I wanted one thing new that could be my go to spot, this red, micro fiber overstuffed overpriced chair will be my go to spot, my comfort zone.

Most of the classes I took first semester were the requirements. I plan on sitting in on my electives so I can pick and choose who my professor will be. I looked at the list of possibilities then checked if their class was filling up quickly. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it will give you the best information. You have to be able to step back and be circumspect, look at all the angles.

Once I make a decision of whom my professor will be I will spend some of my time if I have it, to get to know the professor.

For example Communications filled up quickly, the professor was tall good looking with great hair, good speaker. Listening to some of his past classroom performances, yes performances I knew I wanted someone with more substance.

I found just the one this professor has tenure he also spent time in the military, has 3 kids, been married twice, and is approximately 45 years old. No real presence, yet l get the impression from listening to his past classes on line. He has substance, many students transfer to Mr. Hollywood, because Professor Spenser is too hard. His class is directed to Journalism even though it is called communication. His theory is a Journalist is to journal an activity or event not to editorialize the event.


2 thoughts on “No Name Chapter 2

  1. I always thought the valedictorian is the one with the best grades and the one who learnt a lot from his school… but I was wrong… they picked someone who was popular but not even able to spell it’s own name…. at my graduation we all placed a bet if my budds T. has the balls to kick the principal in the a$$. he did. yay for you T. wherever you are :o)


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