Torrential – Prose


Impeded by chaos my mind funnels what information is supplied.

How to turn the swirl of thoughts into calm meditation.

Unless a grip is attached to this chaos there will be more loss of value to supplication for help. How does one help when the funnel churns thoughts into a myriad of abyss.

A tornadoes funnel sweeps these choices away from minds grip.

When relationships core is not secure the rift will cause a chasm.

It will no longer be a squabble instead a breach will be made.

Take a breath within ones mind.

Hold the tongue secure with love.

Lest prides passion takes the will power to a level beyond the hearts reach.

Within minds gasping for control and meaning.

Use the moments pause to chronicle the meaning of love.

Love is gold more precious then prides passion.

Take stock in the bonds tender.

At the end of the torrential moment the importance of this stock shares a life time of annuity granted in intervals that life brings your way.

Hold to the option of worth rather than what corrodes the hearts health and meaning of life. Which is love.


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