It is time -Poem

It is time

It is time for man to be evolved .

love without hesitation.

Give no occasion for strife of color or creed.

Never impede the rights of others.

Encourage those to pursue their dream.

Consider the word pursue.

An active verb to chase, follow or capture the dream.

Let no one put asunder.

We are meant to dream and create.

Once upon this path all will be free.

To follow their dreams making it a reality.

Be indebted to no one once on this path.

Support your dream with knowledge not graft.

Give do not take.

Strive for excellence and quality of character.

Never compromise the essence of your soul.

Strive to be a light in the darkness.

Once dreams goal is reached.

Help those who are striving.

Lift up never bring down.

Be rich in heart and in love.


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