12 random words { Crook, Chivalrous, Legal, Peaceful, Stiff, Haircut, Torpid, Tightfisted, Helpless, Embarrassed, Self, Hat }


My life in one word Torpid, inactive in regards to relationships. I am waiting for my chivalrous night in shining armor. I am not helpless nor tightfisted. My friends say I am self reliant, not easily embarrassed with a good sense of humor. I am not old in the legal sense. Most of my girl friends are married with kids. All things I want.

Between work friends and close friends I have been on enough blind dates. The stiff first date is the worst. I decided to give it one last try, Paula has set me up with her cousin Craig. I decided to get my haircut and styled for the occasion, rather than wearing a hat. Curly hair gets unruly unless you keep it trimmed.

Paula planned the meeting to be in an informal gathering at her house. Their backyard barbeques are always delightful. When I first laid eyes on Craig my heart skipped a beat. I thought to myself I could fit in the crook of his arm. Paula introduced us, our hands clasped in a handshake which felt more like an embrace. His smile was peaceful and genuine. I gave Paula a look of gratitude and set out to get to know Craig.

Summer Morn


Opti Using 12 random words to write a story about a dog.

{hysterical, Optimal, Dare, Roof, Telephone, Unite, Female, Bent, Deeply, Train, Hapless, Wave}

Opti (Short story)

My name is Opti. I believe it is short for Optimal. When my parents adopted me they had a list of what they wanted in a dog. I think it is hysterical because for some reason they chose me. They wanted small, male fuzzy dog. I am a large, female, short hair mixed bag of a dog. When they saw me they said I was the optimal dog. That is how they named me.

First day at my new forever home, mom started the water in the tub. She was looking at me with a smile. I looked at her with my, I dare you to try and put me in that tub look.

When she bent over to take hold of my collar I ran with hapless abandonment through the house looking for a place to hide.

That move only brought my new dad to unite with mom. Dad tried to sweet talk me. Then he added what he thought was a special move, he tried to wave me over saying “Come on let’s go play.” I knew better.

I heard a ringing sound. It came from what people call the telephone. That left one parent to catch me and put me in that tub. I wailed and barked at her. Hoping she would feel deeply sorry for me. It did not work.

When dad came back he told my new mom that we were going to get a visitor. This visitor is arriving on a train after dinner. Mom smiled and seemed pleased. While mom was getting me wet and putting stinky stuff on me washing away all the good smells, she told me I would be nice and clean for our new visitor.

After she was done dad took me in the backyard. I sniffed around to see if there was any pee-mail. I wondered if they had a dog before me. I did not find any pee-mail, which explains why they do not know much about dogs, otherwise they would never have put me in that water.

I noticed something while we were outside. Looking up I stared at this high place. Mom came out and asked dad what I was looking at. He answered and said “The roof. I think she is thinking about a better escape plan for the next bath time.” He was right.

twigs and blooms


Purpose (12 random words)

{Purpose, brash, farm, delirious, preset, touch, knit, wide, explain, push, team, options}

Many who feel they are out of options explain they have tried everything. Our farm land is being sold off breaking up close knit communities. Our purpose as humans, tenders of this garden was preset years ago. Yet there seems to be a brash push away from teamwork of farming to cubicles of the city. Tedious boredom becomes a delirious obsessive behaviors. Alcohol and drugs do not help nor explain the inner need for all to be a part of something. This wide gap we have placed between wants and needs tears at the fabric of our well being. Scripture tells us to walk in the old paths. Technology and progress is good only if we maintain the human touch. Valuing a good days work, our farmers who put food on our tables. Bring back the old ways, reset the preset.

Daily Routine

Rainstorm (12 random words)

{Rainstorm, sedate, tent,soap,abrasive,berry,cruel,theory,dream,hope,giraffe,meat,}

Rainstorm (12 random words)  12 random word generator

Rainstorm swept through

Tented by our abodes

As an opiate sedate dream

Cruel meat of our existence

Change extended itself

As a giraffe’s neck

Abrasive soap couldn’t cleanse

The ghastly tornadoes aftermath

Skies color of mixed berries

Still did not comfort nor give hope.

Buildings can be rebuilt

Loved ones swept away

Never to return

Can never be replaced.

Theory says time will heal

Nay fade but never heal.

Daily routine-8 random words



Let’s dance the dance

Swirl, twirl lean

Roughly bring me close

Our eyes meet

Heat immense

Deeper iris responds

Dilated passion

Moisture inseminates

Lust beyond breathing

Spice between lovers

Synchronized movement

Muscles tendons dance

Pulling lovers together,

No blandness just spice

Danger, passion thrill

Meeting of beings

Wars were won

With the passion

A woman is the reason

Behind, who’s fronts

Is a strong woman

Let’s dance the Salsa


Sheri’s Married

There once was a girl named Sheri, she took seriously her job when she married. Clean to a sheen, would never eat ice cream. She felt thin is in, fat would not be as compact. One day she decided, her vows were one sided. Ice cream she ate, dinner was late. Her husband said let’s go to bed, I am hungry for you not what you can do.

Next day she made a list, did this with a fist. Her heart was fine her mind was kind, yet something seemed amiss with her wedded bliss. What to do she wanted to pursue.

Sheri took a walk give to it some thought.

Sheri thought it was scary, her husband decided to marry. They dated she waited, it never seemed to be what he deemed a need, then one day he did concede to marry.

What was it he wanted most is what Sheri was to query. Was it a wife with not strife? Or life with passion dinner in some fashion. Floors are clean with no sheen.

Creating home where all are welcome. Better to eat between the sheets then spend time cleaning the blinds.

Yet as you would expect, Sheri knew in a few, they would clash if he did not take out the trash. How to endure, is there a cure? Yes of course with no remorse. No expectations within the relations. Hope is soap on a rope, as you shower to save water

Parental Responsibility – another diddy

Scents and Senses

Scents and Senses

The path has a layer of pine needles. Walking along I do not tread lightly. The heated pine scent drifts subtly to my nose. Gently I breath it in allowing myself to linger. Heat radiates from the earth as well as the sun. Spring freshness brings my senses to life. Deer and other wild life feast on the fresh green forage. As though it was a buffet of caviar and champagne.

Combining sounds of trills, twitters, croaks spring forth a melodious song. Skittering to and fro life brings it’s gratitude with ever present joy. Mating and nesting, young soon to be creating their own song.

Shake off the shackles of winter, the dust drifts threw the air as the rugs are whipped into submitted freshness. Windows, railings, floors washed eager to reflect bright freshness.

Children’s laughter, jostling carousing adds a boisterous call to remember my childhood. Taunting me to put down the rake and play. My gardening is my joy. Wandering through the garden seeing the tips of new life. I name the tip of this life telling it to be strong and healthy.

Wiping the sweat off my brow, bending and stretching my back I raise my voice to the heavens and thank my creator for creating such beauty and allowing me to tend to it.

Flight Plan




Bringing people together,

some call grass roots.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Encouraging others to be pliable.

As a twigs core is shaped.

The trick is not to change its mass

instead galvanizing it’s positive points.

Galvanized pail can be filled

Brimming over with many substances.

Let no ideal bring asunder

The true purpose of the movement

Keep the core ideals pristine.

Uniting with heart and soul

Not with greed which corrupts.

Together we can make a difference.