Game of Hide and Seek

Game of hide and seek

Just beyond the Playground

A mystery lurks out of reach

The reality is, thunder in the streets

Equality in reason parlayed as a cause

Volleyed corrupted

Squeak of the swing set gets no attention

Potential is wasted sleeping in their seats

Family structure not in sandbox

But mayhem in the streets

Grieving loss graffiti’s glaring defeat

Merry go round dizzying the answer

Sponsored by corrupt counseled cities

Hide and seek handouts in pockets

Ollie Ollie oxen free

Private no children allowed

Written on the playhouse door

Bullying the pulpits

How do we compete?

Hide the flag is a parody

Crowding the streets

Answer in the equation

Leaving politicians meet and greet

Choice is the answer

Higher not lower test scores

Red Rover Red Rover

Send Johnny over

Recess is over sit and learn

Adults show some concern

In this together no longer a game

Let’s bring back the basics

Trades and skills and the like

Hope is in the children

Not in the fight

Cleansing war


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