Holding Back

Holding back

Stuck in place looking back

hindsight with no freedom

wisdom overlooked

Past experience shrieks

You cannot do this your weak”

Present holds promise

shrieks are proven wrong

only sound heard are the shrieks.

Vision is obscured through

the eyes of a broken heart

blending into a weakened soul

Each step forward strengthens

Strides toward success

Reaching the peak of career

Only to reach for alcohol

a needle to supplement

Lacking within the realm of peace

No wisdom in the walk up

The ladder’s wobble discourages

Even the success attained

Notoriety of fame is no replacement

For what is missing within.

Grasping the golden ring

Only to be beaten by the bell

Referee calls “Knock out Punch”

Overdosed with cameras clicking

Loser the shrieks were right.

A cruel lesson learned.

Attaining success

no substance from the start.

Taking a walk


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