It could happen Anywhere

(12 random words) { Jumpy, wine, saw, vulgar, blue-eyed, road, imported, happen, witty, ice, intend, crib }

It can Happen anywhere

I live on a dead end dirt road out in the middle of nowhere. Today I decided to put beer and wine on ice. I intend on surprising my husband with a picnic in the backyard when he gets home from work. I bought a crib at a garage sale. I am hoping when I get pregnant he or she will be a blue-eyed beauty like their dad. I love the man I married, he is never vulgar but very witty.

While I was setting things out in preparation for his arrival home from work, a large spider set himself down on top of the cooler. Spiders make me jumpy, this one was so large it looked like it was imported from the Amazon.

Paul pulled up in the driveway as I jumped what seemed to be 30 ft in the air. He came running over to see what was the matter. Simultaneously I saw the spider lunge at Paul. I took a stick to whack it, instead the stick connected with Paul’s head knocking him out cold.

After stomping the spider dead I took out a cold Bush lite, laid it along side Paul’s head hoping it would bring him around. He opened his eyes slowly and said “What the hell just happened?”

It took me a few minutes to relay all that transpired. We spent the evening embellishing on the event.



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