The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place

This place has been in my family for ages. My great great-grandparents farmed this plot. I call it a plot but it is 140 acres 50% tillable. When I left home I told everyone with all the arrogance of a 21 year old.’You will never see me here again’

My parents were good people. I just could not live out in the middle of no where. Also there were so many deaths of my cousins and family members for various reasons the grief took me over and pushed me out.

I took off for the big city. Met a guy who wanted to be a cop, his goals were to be chief of Police. I liked his convictions, strength, even his dark side was sexy.

It did not take long for me to be disillusioned. Seems most of the guys felt it was okay to release stress by cheating on their significant others. Also what seemed to be the norm was to pick a fight with their significant other manipulating the argument enough that their spouse felt they deserved the beating.

My parents did not raise a fool although to leave a police officer I needed to find an outside source. A place to run to that was not on their lists of shelters. I had a sit down with my pastor told him of what was going on, not just with me but other women who were married to policemen.

It took nearly a year before my pastor came to me and said “We are set up for you to take your leave.”

They did not want me just to leave and be safe they wanted to set me up to succeed. Counseling and group therapy was part of the program. I gladly submitted to all their demands.

I met some amazing women. We have the same rules as any other support groups. Rule number 1 privacy. We never ever divulge the name of anyone else in the group.

After completing the program I was told I could go my way. My now X husband moved onto one of his girlfriends. He gladly granted me a divorce if I did not contest the settlement. I gladly submitted to that as well.

Sadly by the time my head was on straight my parents most of my family were gone. There were not many children in our family it was a small nucleus. I had 2 cousins one passed from a drug overdose another went to war and never came back.

The homestead naturally went to me. When I arrived there were numerous repairs to be done. I was surprised by the family attorney he held in a trust money for me. The stipulation was that I lived on the farm for no less then 6 months before I received a penny. From then on I could do as I pleased. I was grateful the attorney did allocate funds for repairs. New windows, siding, wiring, refinish the floors which were all hardwood except the bathrooms, and a new roof. The porch needed work but they were minor in comparison. The furnace, water heater. It took those 6 months to finish what needed to be done. I did the painting and what ever I knew how to do, the rest I hired out.

One very warm dusty summer day I was hanging out the laundry in the distance I seen a dust cloud being made by an approaching vehicle. A knot formed in my stomach. I was glad cell towers were near by. I always had mine available never knowing if my X would stand by his agreement. It would take him a while to find me. I changed my name to my mothers maiden name and the nickname they gave me as a little girl Lily Nielsen.

Once the SUV came closer I noticed there was a female in it not a male. Relief washed over me, I nearly passed out.

It pulled in the driveway came to an abrupt stop I could hear the gas sloshing as the dust settled.

Out stepped Madelyn. She was in my support group. She was married to a powerful politician. Her Suv was packed to the max. She stood disheveled but still stunning. I walked over and seen the tracks of her tears that were being made in the grit on her face. Wrapping my arms around her she started to weep and shake. As her voice quivered she said “I did not know where else to go where he would not find me.”

I whispered “I am glad you came here.”

Madelyn came into the group 6 months after me. We hit it off at the beginning. We understood the positions our husband held made it that much more difficult to pull away and run.

I set Madelyn to work as the cook and housekeeper. I did the laundry and gardening. It was a relief to have help and company. Madelyn was smart enough to pack amongst all her worldly goods two cases of great scotch,bourbon, whiskey. I can always supply wine and beer.

At the end of the day we would kick back and enjoy.

The first year went by quickly. One morning after a hard rain the mud was slippery Had the ground not been incredibly dry before the hard rains the mud would be knee deep. Problem was much of the rain washed out the road and ran into the culverts. So did many cars that were not remotely familiar with the area.

It was that day I noticed steam coming out of a vehicle which slid into the culvert 600 feet from our driveway.

I grabbed my gun and slowly walked over to see if anyone was injured or needed help. As soon as I looked through the windshield I knew this visitor could rot in hell. It was my X. He wasn’t moving. I heard Madelyn coming behind me she had a shovel and other implements with her so we could pull the vehicle out of the culvert. We have this down to a science. We had done this last fall, winter now spring.

I shook my head no. She gave me a quizzical look got off the tractor came over to me. I whispered who the occupant was. She nodded walked calmly to the drivers side. The window was half way down, with her gloved hand she reached in held his nose closed. He started coughing. It did not take long for him to stop breathing.

I took my cell phone out and called 911. He was pronounced dead on arrival.



2 thoughts on “The Hiding Place

  1. I haven’t said: well done (but that was my first thought) :o) I think it is the worst thing if the abuser is a police officer or a politician…. to find peace you probably have to wear gloves and… well ya know :O)

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