Silent Screams- dedicated to those who hurt

Silent Screams

My blank stare doesn’t give me away

the lack luster smile which quivers if they look

Conversations crescendo without me

I cringe listening to the nonsensical babble

It is not music to my ears

Keeping me near them they feel I will rebound

It only causes the sounds to bounce off my skull

dully ringing falsities in my ears

I do not judge them nor blame them

They cannot hear silent screams

Tears no longer come, my eyes are forever dry

Moments of wreckage is within my soul

the black box of my human frame

No matter I understand they don’t understand

You may know me

I am your neighbor, or your friend

Maybe even your spouse

There are different maladies which cause

the heart of someone to bounce off a wall

over and over again to be bruised and blackened

I may have PTSD, Bi Polar what ever they call

this horrendous malady

Don’t turn away I am still me

Just having a moment within

The door slammed upon my heart

I will pull out of it

Please still be there when I open the door

And invite you back in.

Bountiful Bouquet


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