Summer Cult

Summer Cult

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( crab, Summer, luggage, evening, cult, bicycle, dinosaur, mirror)

Summer time humans are drawn to water. What is it about summer which causes the human to want to play by or in the water? I remember as a kid bicycling down the street chasing after the ice cream man. I was content with my Popsicle or orange push up. I was in seventh heaven if I was allowed to get a drumstick. Parents wanted to make the child’s summer special. They would pack up the summer luggage which consisted of tote bags, coolers, towels. and blankets everything to bring the comforts of home to the beach. These items were to help keep the kids from becoming a crab dinosaur which by evening mirrors the adults demeanor. Not only did we have to lug these items home but enough sand and ants to build our own ant farms.

Just put a sprinkler out or a blowup pool. Invite the neighbor kids, fill a cooler with ice for pop, Kool-aide. Don’t forget the adult needs have a separate cooler for beer. Now you have a special summer.



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