Drive through anger

How does a person decide to purposefully hurt someone else? We live in a world that gives us instant gratification. Drive through windows which offer delectable salty foods. As we sit in our vehicles we are annoyed because it is still taking too long.
Quite possibly the person in the truck behind you has decided on the egg McMuffin and coffee. He has also decided to use his truck as an instrument of destruction.
We are told to be tolerant. Yet you cannot teach nor tell someone how to love. Good neighbors respect boundaries, appreciating privacy. Too often respect is a distant memory. Privacy has been annihilated, replaced with search and seizure with no boundaries.
A group of people who stand on the principle of peace and love takes to the streets disrespecting humanity. Blowing up all possibility of love thy neighbor.
Gruesome as this is, there is still another group who protests against racism, they have become what they protest.
Let us not lose sight of the group who try to evangelize the world. Their crusade is historical. Within this group, there is a faction which will step over the line of propriety at a funeral of a fallen hero spewing out their hate.
When did we become so self-important? Did it start with the trophies which honor participation? Are you special because your anger destroys and disrespects life?
This abomination is on our doorsteps. Politicians play their instrument of corruption creating the problem, at the same time bellowing they are the solution.
Vigilance is needed to thwart this cancer within our society. Call out the liars, speak the truth in love. Let’s take our country back.


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