Softness of Snow Chapter 4

Softness of Snow chapter 4

Mona began to cry again, the rest of us sat in stunned silence, Lori was the first to speak: “Lauren do you think you could get on the radio and find a trucker in the approximate vicinity as Sophie?”

That woke Mona out of her slump, give that woman something to do in a time of chaos and she is militant in her attempts, sometimes heroic.

Mona: “We need to know the make and year of her truck, color, it would be nice to know the license number as well.”

Mike: “Mom, in this snow I doubt you would see the license plate it would be plastered solid with snow, the make, year, color.”

We did not notice Jason walk into the room he said: “It is a Black 2014 dual-cab Ford F150, short bed.”

We all cheered, Mona was already doing a call out, thus far she found Truckers North of us, none south as of yet, one particular call out gave us some hope he said he had a friend who was scheduled to do this route he would call him on his cell phone since he does not do the CB radio unless he needs help.

While we waited the only thing I could think of to do is turn on Christmas music and say a silent prayer, we were so involved we forgot about the pups, Jessup was cleaning up after one of them. I felt bad they all looked guilty, so I took them out and played with them till I thought they were tired enough to sleep. I need to turn the floodlights on the barn, it was dark now around 7 pm, when I turned the lights off, Mike was letting the dogs in to give them their dinner, the snow had stopped the clouds cleared, stars were out, they somehow seemed closer, comforting, I stood in silence, one by one everyone except Mona came out stood in silence with me for a few moments.

When we walked back into the house, hung our coats up I heard Mona’s voice she was excited, saying “Ok you think you see her?”

We nearly ran each other over to get to the room hoping to hear something positive only to find out once we got there it was a black Chevy single cab.

The wind let out of all of us audibly with a moan, my throat was closing up again I needed a drink, good old Jack Daniels is the only thing that would do, right about now.

When Mike saw me turn to leave the room he said: “If you are getting Jack, bring me one.” I heard a chorus of “Me too” One “Wish I could.” Lori is a gem.

Lori came into the kitchen to make herself a hot chocolate and help me carry Jack to everyone else.

Once everyone was served I sat down heavily in a chair, said cheers, let that golden liquid slide it’s warmth down my throat to soothe the fear and strengthen my hope. Then I started to talk out loud to no one in particular:

My daughter is on her way home (sigh) not a baby, now a woman, needing love and understanding. Can’t say I can be angry with her, would have hoped she’d have come to us. In all honesty, I might have taken a couple of swings at Will, but in the end, I could not judge him. On account it was not much different than how Mona and I started out, she was just shy of 14 I was just shy of 15, we knew we were doing wrong and dancing with the devil, hormones are like that, but I would not change a thing, Lauren you were the beginning of our marriage, our parents ranted and raved, blamed each other and the other. Once the dust settled we became a united force in making sure this marriage survived our youth. Not everyone is as lucky.”

Mona came over sat on my lap, kissed me and said: “Ray, I still love and lust after you now as I did thirty-five years ago, and I would not change a thing neither.”

The radio crackled Lauren jumped in the seat, Mona just leaned back and we quietly took another sip of Jack. It was a call out from a trucker just North of Wilder road, he saw the truck matching our description, inching along with the rest of them. The trucker apologized for not having his radio on, he was busy on the phone with his kids and wife letting them know he was alright when the call out came. The truckers name was Wilbur, he said he would find a way to signal the truck with the girl in it to see if it is Sophie.

We all sat in silence once again, this time with hopeful anticipation. General murmurs of “wonder what is taking him so long?”

The radio crackled and Wilbur’s voice came back, it’s Sophie her phone battery went dead, she is recharging it, will call as soon as it is 100 % charged so she can talk longer.

Cheers and tears filled the room, calling out thanks, Wilbur, Wilbur laughed and yelled “Hey you all, I will make sure she gets home if I have to push her there! I am going to sign off so I can call the wife back and tell her I am going to be late. I will come back on if I do not see your Sophie on the phone again.”

A half hour later Sophie still had not called, nor did Wilbur get back on the radio, we were beginning to think something went terribly wrong.


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