Softness of Snow Chapter 6

Softness of Snow Chapter 6

By Christine Swiderski

After one drink and it already being after midnight, Lauren took the dogs out, we all said we would just nap for an hour or so. Mona and I kept the phone with us, There is a fold out sofa in the room with the radio, Lauren and Lori pulled it out while Jessup got them pillows and blankets, Mike and Jessup went to bed, said to promise and wake them if anything more happens.

Mona woke up first exclaiming “Oh My God it’s 9 am!”

I jumped out of bed, coming up behind Mona as she entered the room where Lauren and Lori were still asleep, Mike heard the commotion, Lauren woke with a start, Lori rolled over, stretched when it slowly dawned on her, she asked: “Has something happened?”

No one really knew what to say, it had been nearly 9 hours since we had heard anything at all. Mona grabbed the phone and dialed Sophie groggily answered: “Hello?”

Mona: “Sophie? It’s Mom, where are you how are you?”

Sophie: “Not sure, I have to ask Jeff.”

Hearing Jeff in the background he said: “We are off the expressway on county road 100, since the snow let up seems the County trucks at least made a single pass, no ruts, but it is freezing over, still going about 10 miles an hour, told Wilbur to go home, my buddy and I have this, my buddy is still close behind us Mr. and Mrs. Burton, we should be to your place, but I would like your permission to take her to the clinic have her checked.”

Mona and I looked at each other and I spoke: “If you are on County road 100, where a bouts exactly?”

Sophie handed Jeff the phone he said: “We just passed Center road, I have family in the area if I remember correctly there is a clinic at Center and Creek road.”

Mona said, “Yes that is our clinic see if the nurse practitioner Jessica is working, it will go quicker and she is good at what she does.”

Jeff responded: “Will do, Sophie will call you when we leave the clinic.”

I said: “ I could come get her, so you can leave and see your family.”

Jeff said: “No sir stay put the roads are not up to par yet, and if you promise my buddy and I a home cooked meal, warm place to sleep the night, we will pick up some beer and join you all if you do not mind.”

I said: “You are more than welcome, we have plenty of beer, Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, and a few other delicacies you just bring my girl home safely.”

Jeff: “Will do sir.”

I said: “You can call me Ray, my wife you call Mona, you have now been adopted as family.”

Jeff: “Thank you, Ray, it is an honor to help, goodbye and we will call when we leave.”

Mona said, “Bye Jeff thank you so much hey what is your buddies name?”

Jeff answered “Tom Phillips, Mona.”

Mona said: “Then you inform him he is also adopted and you stay as long as you want.”

Jeff answered: “Will do, we just pulled in the parking lot, there are a lot of cars, this may take a while goodbye.”

At that, he hung up. We busied ourselves, the girls preparing the turkey we saved for new years eve, it was thawed and ready so why not have it early, myself and my boys busied ourselves in our walkout basement, there are two rooms down there, Lauren tended the wood stove in the basement, Mike the one upstairs then he joined me in making beds, clearing away things we threw down there instead of putting it away, general sweeping dusting. When we were done we went upstairs the girls threw together a brunch. I started feeling bad for the pups, they have been ignored since this started, Jessup had taken them out, fed them sat on the floor hugging and playing with them, I made a promise out loud to them that I will not sit and worry till Sophie got here I will take them out and play with them.

After brunch, us guys left the girls with the clean up, we bundled up, and took the dogs out for play, also get the young pups used to being around the tractor, I needed to clear the driveway, with all the snow it took me a good 2 hours to clear it.

I had also forgotten totally about Jason and Mary, they had blended into the woodwork while all this was going on, pitching in when needed, not saying much just letting us all freak out as a family.

When I went back inside, I saw Mary in the kitchen with the girls, I walked up to her put my arms around her and hugged her for a long time and said: “Thank you so very very much.”

With tears in her eyes, she said: “Your so very welcome Ray, I have no family I reminded Sophie of that, she was lucky to have a family.”

Mona, Lori, Jessup came over, joined in the hug and said: “You have a family now.”

While this was going on Lauren and Mike were with Jason letting him know he too was adopted into the Burton family and warned him that one day he may regret it.

Everyone laughed, at this point it had been 3 hours since we had heard from Jeff and Sophie.


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