Softness of Snow Chapter 7 (the end)

Softness of Snow Chapter 7

Everyone was wondering if it would be rude to call and see what was happening, we resisted the urge. I know I sure wanted to hear Sophie’s voice again. At hour 3 the call came they are on their way, the streets were 85% better in spots so they should arrive within 15 minutes and hoped the dinner was not dried out.

Mona told them no she put it on low knowing we did not have a true timeline.

Sophie hung up without telling us anything more, gawd that girl will drive me to drink, hmm that sounds like a good idea, I turned to go, I hear a chorus of “Me Too!” and One “Damn”

The truck pulled into the driveway 15 minutes later, with a large black SUV close behind, I grabbed a jacket and directed Jeff and Tom over to the space I cleared, everyone including the dogs came out to greet Sophie.

Once the Truck stopped, I was at the door, opened it and Sophie slid into my arms, another group hug with lots of weeping, we stayed that way till even I got cold.

We all talked at once, Sophie finally got a word in edgewise, the nurse practitioner Mona suggested said Sophie was dehydrated, so she set her up with an IV did an ultrasound which she pulled a copy out of her purse.

That is when I got my first look at you, my grandson, Alex Jessup, so your new daddy Jeff is a great sort, loves you as his own, you listen to him, don’t get any girl pregnant till you marry her, and make sure the family is involved please do that for your Grandpa. There is your bedtime story that was supposed to put you to sleep, but obviously, it was too stimulating because you are grinning wide at me, not a bit ready to sleep.

Who is that coming Alex.”

Jeff said, “Me dad, so that is what you call a bedtime story?”

Me: “Well hell Jeff I heard your stories of the guys blowing things up, I think this was a bit more subdued.”

Now lookie here Alex here’s your Mama, think she can tell you a boring story and put you to sleep.”

Jeff and I both laughed, I handed Alex off and went to bed.


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