It used to be Dark


It used to be dark this time of day,

His life was slipping away

My heart slipped into the night

The abyss was calling for our souls

We held to our faith

Holding to each promise of life

Even in the darkness

Now he is gone,

Yet I still belong to him.

No wonder of this world can begin.

Until the savages of grief have passed.

Can I finally rise up from the ash?

As a phoenix from the abyss fly’s free.

I still need to live the breath given to me.

Turning each corner as I walk this earth,

I look for my moment of rebirth.

I know my love is not home alone.

He sees the images of my moan.

He never judges my steps forward.

Knowing this, my soul cries out,

My heart will never be morbid.

I am not really alone he is ever present.

Memories can guide our soul’s yearnings

My soul mate would never begrudge

I will be given a nudge in the right direction

I will always hope for my own perfection.

My prayer is to be granted a reprieve

Finding someone to love once again

Beginning a new journey to the end.


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