Shattered by Christine Swiderski


Broken glass can be swept away

This is not so with a broken heart

Life pumps through each vein

Shattered shards protrude

Sneaking through any harsh words

Only to feel guilt from its quill

I promised myself not to be so shrill

Emotional fists speak for me

How dare anyone try to help me?

Nowhere is there a soul to understand

Walking in my shoes leave festered sores

Forgive, they say it easily enough

What doesn’t kill you makes you tough

Rhetoric only breathes contempt of cause

Leave me to my shattered state

Before my heart begins to hate

Let each piece find its place

As a stain glass piece of art

Ultimately I will not fall apart

In time it will all come together

Light will shine through me once again

That will be the time for me to begin



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