Annoyance -short story


I am accustomed to many things coffee in the morning, quiet moment to wake up. My new neighbor Murphy has a propensity towards annoying me. As an early riser, I always enjoyed the twilight freshness of the day. Rarely do I turn a light on. Maneuvering through my home with nightlight navigating my steps sets the tone for my quiet time. Coffee is on a timer, as I amble along my way, my brain foggy, blurry eyed reach for my cup setting next to the coffee pot. I look out my kitchen window and see Murphy has lights on in two downstairs rooms. Instinctively I pull back from the window not wanting to be seen until my appearance is something close to human. Holding my breath hoping Murphy has not glimpsed a shadowy figure passing by my window. Realizing it did not work I grabbed my long sweater from the hook near the back door. As I wrapped it around me I hear a rap on the door. Opening it I greeted Murphy “Hey Murphy what’s up?”

“I wanted to be sure you were alright. I noticed no lights on and someone walked past your kitchen window.”

“To tell you the truth Murphy I do not turn my lights on till after I have had two cups of coffee. I enjoy the peace of the morning.”

“Okay, I am glad you are okay, just let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Murphy no problem”

When I am in the yard Murphy sprints overtakes the rake or whatever tool I am working with and continues my work. While explaining how I like to putter in the garden Murphy usually express his need to help when he sees me working too hard.

Now that I am retired and my husband has been gone for a year I do appreciate Murphy’s propensity towards being johnny on the spot. It is annoying and yet I should be great full.

At the age of 59, I am reasonably healthy. Still fit enough to work in the garden, clean house. I work out in the gym three times a week. I love gardening also I love to clean my house. I think it is time for me to have a conversation with Murphy. My husband used to be like this. Swoop down helping me with things I did not need help with. We nearly came to blows over him taking my rake. The day he took my garden shovel was the last straw.

I invited Murphy over for grilled burgers and a brew. Murphy insisted on grilling the burgers. As he was enjoying his beer flipping the burgers I talked to Murphy about how I viewed his helpfulness. He said “I do not mean to be annoying I am keeping my promise to your husband. He told me exactly how I should look after you.”

I said, “Hold on you mean to tell me every time you have come to my rescue your keeping your promise?”

“Yes, he told me you would sleep walk. When I saw the shadow I thought you might have been sleep-walking. He told me you have hurt yourself raking.”

Murphy went on through the list of things my late husband told him I needed help with. I explained to Murphy that my dear departed husband did those things purposefully to annoy me. Especially after we had a disagreement it was his way of getting even. We never screamed at each other. Nor did we throw things. We did things to each other knowing full well it would annoy them.

Murphy nodded his head “So even after death by using me, he is annoying you?”

“Yes, it seems that way.”

Murphy nodded again then asked, “What was the last thing he did that annoyed you?”

“I was putting in the rose bushes, he grabbed the shovel to dig the holes for me.”

Murphy nodded again took out his cell phone made a call spoke to the person “I believe we will find his body under the rose bushes.”



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