Fine China

Fine China

I was part of a dowry for the youngest of the family. Delicately made and designed. Roses with gold trim. The finest of ladies desire me. I was sent to her after she settled in the New World. Her face showed excitement when she pulled me from the parcel. My dainty structure caused her to sigh. She said I brought civilization to a brutal world. Soon she treasured me by cupping her hands around my form. Sipping hot tea as though it was the finest of delicacies, I was her moment to pause and reflect on what she left behind when she married this American businessman.  The disease came into her home; my work was immense as tea was continually needed to hydrate the infirmed.

Her family mourned her passing. Her daughter asked to have me and the set I came with. She cherished me as she cherished her mother. She took special care of me in hopes of passing me down to her daughter. She had no daughter’s just sons. Her last son was born and it took her breath from this earth. I sat in a box hidden away from the world.

One day the box I was placed in was pulled out. A very young likeness of my first lady peered down upon me. She is my first ladies great granddaughter. She placed me on a shelf behind some glass. Every so often she would take me out and use a cloth to clean me. And then she would replace me on the shelf. She would sit with something that resembled a bowl with a handle. Her hot beverage had a strong bitter smell. She seemed to cling to it as my first lady clung to me.

One day there was a loud ferocious noise. My shelf-shook, the wind blew the walls around me were pulled up and thrown aside like trash. I lay in a heap of rubble. She came and found me; she cried out saying “Thank God I still have you.”

The rest of the fine collection was destroyed. I was spared as well as the saucer I sat on. From that day forward she clutched me while sipping the bitter beverage. Her daughter would sometimes pretend to be big like her mom. She would drink her water from me.

One day she did not come to hold me. I was put in a box. When someone took me out of the box I was placed on a table. Many people walked passed me commenting how delicately pretty I am. Finally, a young woman picked me up. I was wrapped carefully and put in a bag. When the young lady pulled me from the bag, she showed me to a man and said: “I had to buy this it reminds me of my mother.”


4 thoughts on “Fine China

  1. glad it found a good home….
    I often ponder about things I see in antique stores or at flea markets… and I often feel sorry when I see things what were treasures once become trash and land on a pile of “grab-what-you-want”….

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