Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

Chapter 1 things are looking up

Recently my life has slowly circled the drain. I lost my job due to an illness; there is no workmen’s comp for a mysterious pain the doctors could not find. It took a long time to find the cause. It turns out I was littered with gall stones. By the time the doctors figured it out my insurance had lapsed my savings was spent on medical bills. I am driving an old Corvette. This car has seen better days, as I look down at the nonexistent floor panel I watch the pavement zoom by. I have to keep the heat on so it will not overheat. That is fine in the winter but summer not so much; this car drinks more water than I do.

Normally I wallow in self-pity and don’t drag myself out of bed until noon. Today is different I am to be at an attorney’s office for a reading of a will. It seems my aunt Millie decided to leave me her farm and her bank account; it took my breath away when I saw the balance. Somehow it does not seem real, I need to touch it, see it with my own eyes until then I will not believe it.

When I am cranky as I am today being up at the crack of dawn and driving to a destination that seems to be out in the middle of nowhere getting lost is not an option in this car or in this life. As I am doing the speed limit on the expressway people are passing me like I am standing still, what is truly infuriating is that those who are passing me seem to be disengaged from their driving because they are either talking to someone that is not there or talking to someone on their cell phones; it makes me want to roll my window down and  throw my beer at them.

I finally make it off the expressway and I pull into the first gas station and use the 20 dollars I took out of my new account, filled up my tank and ate a hot dog that looked much like my last boyfriend’s special guy.

I got directions from the girl with the grommets in her ears while she cashed me out. I hope I can trust someone who does not have the sense to just pierce their ears like a normal person.

The pavement ended and the washboard dirt road sent stones inside my car, I slowed to a snail’s pace to keep the dust from billowing inside and blur my view.  I vaguely remember my Aunt Millie’s farm. I went there during the summers; she had horses, mules, chickens and a swimming hole (that is what she called it).

The house was a weathered clapboard exterior; the inside had worn hardwood floors and linoleum. Any carpeting she had was of braided rugs she made by hand using old clothing and rags. During my visits, she showed me how to make them. I loved those rugs.

Finally, I pulled into the driveway; weeds had grown up hiding parts of the clapboard fencing. The large barn was the first thing I saw; it had a fresh coat of red paint on it. Memories washed over me I was running into the barn chasing a chicken or playing with Woof, Aunt Millie’s dog.

I finally stopped and stiffly climbed out of my car. The house had a coat of fresh olive drab paint, the window trim was brown, the windows looked scrubbed as did the porch. The front porch was 6 feet deep that extended corner to corner on the front of the house; from the swing which still hung from the rafters, you could see the two barns and corrals. I stood for a moment on the porch looking around taking stock in what was now my home and wondering what I will do out here all by myself. Loneliness crept into me briefly, out of the corner of my eye I saw movement, a mangy looking dog came into view, and he seemed to be leery. I called out “Hey Woof the second.”  He gave me a slight wag of his tail. I finally turned the key and opened the front door.

I went into the kitchen the refrigerator was running which surprised me normally if someone was not going to be home they emptied it and left the door propped open. I opened it and was glad to find beer, pop, bread; lunch meat, hot dogs, buns. I was starving and I know the mangy dog was also. I looked through the cupboards for a bowl to put water in and a dish for food. After filling the pot I found with water I cut up a couple of the hot dogs and placed them into the dish. I took this outside and placed it in the yard halfway between Woof2 and the house. I know he is skittish and I am hoping that I can lure him into my arms for a hug and a bath.



4 thoughts on “Rock Bottom

  1. the character of your story sounds interesting …. I can’t wait to read more….great that your stories mostly have a dog, so I look forward what happens around Woof2 ;o)
    btw: I had such a car once too… a Ford Escort what drove me crazy, I had to pre-heat this ride, so it was not even useful as a getaway car for a bank heist… sigh…

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