Rock Bottom Chapter 3

Rock Bottom Chapter 3


I made myself something to eat and grabbed a beer. I decided to see if Woof2 would stay on the first step if I came out on the porch. First I just stood inside the door Woof2 knew I was there her ears went back, but she stayed on the step. I slowly opened the door and walked over to the swing sat down opened my beer took a long pull and bit into my sandwich. Woof2 stayed on the step and we just sat there amiably for about an hour. I then got up to grab my laundry. In the back of the house was a clothesline which I decided to use rather than the dryer. As I was hanging the laundry Woof2 came into view. I guessed that she was curious as to what I was doing and where I went. I decided to talk to her as I pinned my laundry to the line.

“Well, Woof2 I guess you are slowly figuring out that I am a good guy and will not harm you. I hope we can be friends.”

I went back into the house to retrieve some Liquid Dawn dish soap. I came back out and Woof2 was still standing where I left her. I pulled the hose out, set the Dawn on the ground went back into the house in search of a brush I could use for Woof2. I then remembered Aunt Millie kept grooming supplies in the barn. As I walked to the barn Woof2 slowly followed. I found what I needed, a metal bucket, brush and to my surprise Woof1’s old collar.

I took these things over to the house, put some Dawn in the bucket and filled it with water. Now all I needed to do was to convince Woof2 that she would enjoy being clean. To my surprise, she came over to me and laid down next to my bent knees. I first started to pet her and talking to her in my best mommy’s voice.

I decided to go for it I turned on the hose and slowly wet her down, she seemed pleased with it as she wagged her tail. I soaped her up rinsed her off and then as gently as I could I brushed out all the burrs and debris from her fur. Once she was clean it occurred to me she looked exactly like Woof1.

I said to her: “Woof2 you have a remarkable resemblance to a dog I knew called Woof. I am wondering if you are somehow related?”

A male voice startled me: “She is her daughter, with all the commotion with your Aunt, the ambulance and all of the strangers, Karma took off. I have come back here every day looking for her to see if she returned. I am glad she finally did.”

I looked up from grooming Karma and saw this tall handsome guy standing with his hands on his hips. My first thought was Yum!

I asked: “Who might you be exactly?”

He answered: “You do not remember the guy who gave you your first kiss behind the barn?”

“Oh my goodness, Doug you are no longer scrawny, freckled piss ant,” I said

He laughed and said: “That did not stop you from asking for seconds.”

We both laughed.

I finished up with Karma; once I release her she ran and rolled in the dirt. I shook my head and said: “Karma seriously.”

I looked up at Doug and asked if he would like a beer. He said yes while I went to get the beer he opened the hood of my car. I stepped out on the porch with the two beers and I almost said out loud: “Oh My Lord he has his shirt off.”

He turned his head towards me as I descended the stairs he was still leaning under the hood, his grin went ear to ear and he said: “You are thinking about 3rds.” I laughed handed him the beer and asked if the car was worth more than the empties in the back.

“Everything looks good under the hood by what I can see except of course the radiator. She just needs some sprucing up.”

We sat on the swing and began to reminisce about my Aunt Millie, Doug told me that Aunt Millie kept him current on what she knew about me. I did send her letters telling her my goal was to become a nurse. I was working as a lab tech when my health took a turn. What I saved for nursing school was spent on medical bills.

Aunt Millie told Doug if anything happened to her that she wanted him to look after the house and to be sure there was food in the house for when I arrived. The attorney was given instructions to call Doug once I had my appointment with him. That explains how there were fresh food and beverages in the fridge.

“Thank you, Doug, for looking after my aunt and making sure there was food for me.”

“No problem your Aunt Millie was a good woman we all loved her.”

Karma had curled up lying at my feet, I guess she figured I would do as a friend.

After Doug left I promised myself I would register for the nursing classes. The college was 30 miles away. I had given Doug the Corvette, Aunt Millie had a truck in the barn which I decided to go trucking from now on. I will miss the stick shift of the Vet.

Next few weeks Doug and I got to know each other I started classes a month later. Late one night during a horrific rain storm, Doug stayed over we sealed our relationship that night and both said the I love you to each other. He is now more than a neighbor to me and Karma is enjoying having a family around.

When I had free moments between studying and doing chores Doug, Karma and I went horseback riding. At the end of the first semester, I was so very glad to get some time off. Doug called and asked if I wanted to go cruising in the Vet.

I said: “I am not sure. I am guessing you did some work on her?”

“Oh, you could say I did a lot of work on her.” He said

He slowly pulled into the drive as I walked out onto the porch. She was the same color but beautiful. Red and beautiful. Doug got out walked to the passenger side let Karma into the back I came around and was ready to get in, and as I sat down Doug got on one knee and asked me to marry him I said yes.

After finishing my degree I partnered up with a local doctor to help those who could not afford medical treatment. Sometimes I am a midwife other times fixing broken bones. Sometimes when life seems to give you lemons someone helps you make lemonade.


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