Late For Work Chapter 1

Late for work

I had the alarm set for 6:30 am something woke me at 5:30 I looked at the clock and was grateful that I had another hour. I rolled over and fell back to sleep. When the phone rang it woke me up it was 9:30 I screamed obscenities and jumped out of bed ran into the shower. I quickly showered blow dried my hair put makeup on and ran out the door without even grabbing a coffee or answering the phone. I was technically only 45 minutes late I will try to come up with an excuse when I get there. The traffic was snarled up nearly to a standstill. I inched closer to work as fast as a snail lumbers across a road.

Everyone around me was irate, as they spoke on their phones they were told how crucial it was for each of them to make it to their destination. I just sat there staring in front of me not wanting to talk to anyone from work knowing I will be in big trouble when I get there. I will not be able to explain why I was an hour late. I decided to use this time to figure out how to handle the fallout.

A police officer on a motorcycle drove on the shoulder of the road. People started to call out: “What the heck is the hold up officer?” He waved at them and shrugged while yelling: “I won’t know the extent of it till I get there sorry, the details are sketchy.”

That sent a shiver down my spine and my mind started to spin all sorts of scenarios. Horrific crash, someone jumped off one of the overpass bridges, someone threw a brick through a window of a car, ducks in the road and the police are escorting them across the street. The last one made me smile.

At this point, some people were getting out of their cars still on their phones trying to get a better look. We were at a stand still. A man walked passed my car and kept walking forward to see what the hold up was. After an hour we were still at a stand still. The man that had walked passed me an hour ago came back with his head down and it was obvious he had been crying. I looked over my shoulder and watched him get into his car. He immediately placed his forehead upon the steering wheel and his shoulders started to heave with sobs.

I was in the Northbound lane, cars were finally starting to flow going south. Finally, we started moving 5 mph and then 15 mph. Once I reached a certain point I realized the traffic going southbound were the cars that actually intended to go north but were redirected. I tried to get a glimpse of the people’s expressions going south, they were mixed, irritated and confused.

It was my turn to do the turnaround and I decided to go back home.  I called into work to let them know that I could not get to work. My boss answered and I told him what happened on the expressway I tried an alternate route but all were blocked.

He told me he understood under the circumstances. I asked him what circumstance would that be?

“You don’t know?” He asked

I stood for a moment and just listened to everything Harry said. I was in shock and yet grateful I was late getting up this morning. I turned the television on to see if there were any more details.


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