Sin Tastes Good Chapter 1

Sin Tastes Good


I have heard the old saying The Grass is Greener on the other side of the fence. When I was a young girl I played leap frog with the neighbor boys, while they were just above me I would reach and touch. The boys would scream like girls but I knew they loved it because they kept coming back for more. Yes, I knew it was wrong I was brought up to be a good Catholic girl but idle minds are the workshop of 10-year-old girls.

In my teens I was a tease, not wanting to lose my virginity but loving the thrill of the feel up foreplay. Looking back I was lucky none of the guys pushed further, I am guessing they were as inexperienced as I was. Amusing as all that was by the time I made it to college I wanted more, alcohol gave me the nerve. Sure enough, after a couple of beers, I was stripping down and ripping the guy’s clothes off as well. Birth control was cheap and easy to get. I made jokes that I should buy stock in condoms and birth control pills.

Now that I am married and a mom some of my adventures have come back to haunt me by way of my own daughter’s proclivity to the taste of sin. Is this self-destructive behavior in her DNA? I never asked my mom about her conquests or if she was pre-dispositioned to the same behavior. May be it started with me and this is my karma. I try to analyze these latest events to no avail.

My husband and I walked into the police station by now they know us by our first names. At this stage, I do not know what to do with my daughter Jennifer she was brought here because she seduced the Governor’s son into performing oral sex on her in the park near their school. Jennifer is 13. We found out last time she was getting her birth control from the school nurse. The school contacts you if your child has a headache and wants an aspirin but they say nothing about birth control because the child has the right to privacy.

Jennifer was seated on a bench outside the Chief of Police office I could hear a male voice yelling. When the man emerged from the office his face was beet red with fury. I guess the Governor was pissed.

My husband Andy sat on one side of Jennifer I sat on the other.

Andy asked: “What the hell were you thinking Jennifer?”

Jennifer answered: “He asked for his first I demanded my happy ending which just finished as the police officer approached. We would not have been caught if the shit did not protest five minutes before he gave me my turn.”

I said: “Jennifer! How callous of you!”

Jennifer said: “Oh please mom don’t tell me you didn’t do the same things but may be worse you just did not get caught.”

Ouch, Karma just struck me between the eyes, now what? She was right my shock was not in her behavior nor her cavalier response but there was an edge to her response that put me on notice. She did apologize profusely for being rude, Jennifer has always been respectful and sweet, not perfect but at least she respected authority. Her attitude about these events came out of left field and that I took notice of as did Andy.


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