In the Darkness

Within the realm of possibilities darkness only hinders true sight. Those areas in the day light are bright and substantially relevant. When darkness falls especially within one’s soul there is were evil meets its prey. I never really considered good and evil being relevant to me until I looked into the eyes of a stranger. I was on my way to work the traffic was lite as I slowed to stop at a light an arm appeared through my passenger window opening the door and climbing in with a gun in its hand. He pointed at me and told me to just drive. Tears stung my eyes fear gripped my entire body; I just drove. I looked at the clock it was 8:30 am when this man changed my life irrevocably. As I drove the car, my eyes searched for someone who was looking in my direction. I was hoping I could find a way to signal someone that I needed help. Everyone was focused on their own directional lives no one looked my way. As we were exiting the city the road became less and less populated. The man did not say a word I could smell his sweat and feel the evil lurking just below the surface.

After an hour he told me to turn right at the next road; I did what I was told without a word. The road ended abruptly, I stopped. He reached over and grabbed my hair after releasing my seat belt he dragged me across the seat and pulled me out of the passenger side door.
I focused on making my body limp hoping to keep him from hurting me and tiring him out. It did not tire him it only infuriated him. He screamed: “Stop resisting! Get on your feet and start walking until I tell you to stop.

I kept walking, stumbling a few times my body was weak with fear. We came to what looked like an abandoned mine. He pushed me harshly inside; there was a table with chairs to one side, a large bed near the back wall. He told me to go lay on the bed. I did what I was told all the while crying. My heaving body was aching for my husband. The man came over and with scissors, he removed my clothes. I do not know how long I laid there completely naked, my tears had subsided as though there were no more left to be shed instead I became angry nearly to the point of rage. When the sun went down the cave became cold, damp and dark. He threw a blanket over me. By this time he had burned my clothes. He offered me food which  I declined I was afraid I would not be able to hold anything down. Soon after it became dark he lit some candles, removed his clothes and proceeded to rape me all night.

Finally, his groping and grunting were replaced by snoring. I slowly lifted myself out of the bed the candles gave off an eerie hue. I found his shirt and socks which covered most of me. With all the self-control I could muster I search for my purse. I finally realized I will have to go without it. I took one of the candles in hopes it would light the path long enough for me to find my car. At this very moment, I was glad I had dated a guy who used to steal cars he taught me to hot wire a car.

I stumbled and fell over what I thought was a rock I burst into tears realizing it was my purse. I grabbed it, got up and started to run towards where I thought the car was. I suddenly remembered I had a small flashlight in my purse. As I was running I was rummaging through my purse and finally came up with the flashlight. I stopped to catch my breath when I heard breathing behind me. I was not going to turn around. I did not want to look at his face again. I grabbed my cell phone dialed 911 the operator came on asked me how she could assist me. Breathlessly I told her of my situation. She asked what my location was. I told her the best I knew and said that my abductor was closing in and that I made it to my car. I was searching for my keys when an arm came inside my window holding my keys. I screamed, “Please help me!” I took my fist and hit his wrist the keys dropped to the floor. As I reached down he reached for my hair and grabbed it. I took the keys and plunged them into his right eye. His scream sounded like a wounded animal as he cursed I withdrew the keys and started the car. In my panic, I drove forward instead of putting it in reverse. That was a stroke of luck I hit him, backed up and ran over him again and again. I do not know how many times I ran over him by the time I finally stopped screaming and rocking the car over his lifeless body it was day light. I heard someone call out but I could not make out what they said. Suddenly a hand reached through my window and pulled the keys out of the ignition I turned ready for another fight when I realized it was a police officer.

My husband was at the hospital when they brought me in. I was so glad to see his handsome face. All I did was cry out his name. That was 5 years ago I still cannot burn a candle without remembering that horrid night.




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