Sin Tastes Good Chapter 4

Sin Tastes Good Chapter 4

A meeting was set up for all the girls, Jason and his dad with a mediator and each family were asked to bring an attorney with them. The atmosphere was tense everyone knowing that what we say could be used against anyone of us. The kids just sat smugly pouting as though the adults were out of control. Except for Jennifer, she seemed to be embarrassed. 

The Mediator entered the room and sat at the long table we were sitting at. Andy and I decided not to bring an attorney nor did Fred Beck, but the other girl’s parents each had an attorney with them. 

The Governor was the first to speak: “ I get boys will be boys I also know that sometimes that phrase is taken too far. With that said girls will be girls each one had their expectations I just want to get to the truth of the matter and know for sure what part Jason played in all this.”

To make an already long story short the facts did not come to surface until after the two parents who brought their attorneys took matters to court. Jason had made a bet with the others on the football team that he could do every cheerleader in the school. His insistence was not for want of sex but wanting to be the conqueror. This revelation pissed off Jennifer enough that she said she wanted to be a nun. 

I went to counseling with Jennifer hoping to meet with some of my demons once and for all. I found out I did not have demons just was as promiscuous as my daughter with no remorse. I guess it is a plus for Andy that I am insatiable, I had to deal with a daughter with the same lack of inhibition.

The other three girls went on to college one became an attorney, another a psychologist and last but not least one became an illegal pharmacist (drug dealer) Jason followed in his father’s footsteps and became our state’s attorney. Jennifer thankfully gave us 2 grandchildren and both boys. I was relieved. 


4 thoughts on “Sin Tastes Good Chapter 4

  1. glad the girls made their way, although illegal pharmacist is a dangerous job… sadly jason made his way too or he father made his way…. it’s surprising to see politicans and celebs in tv and to speak with people who knew them from the begin….

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    • You never know what went on in peoples lives while they were young , so much can be concealed and even juvenile records are sealed


  2. Whoa! The ending is not quite what I expected but I think in spite of it all, things turned out just fine. It is tough growing up back when and is even tougher to grow up nowadays. Things are so different now. Good story Christine!

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