Best Friends Chapter 3

Best Friends Chapter 3

Once I cleaned up I went to the office Don was sitting at his desk his door was open so I just tapped lightly on the door jam. He looked up from his computer and motioned for me to come in. I handed him the camera and said I believe I captured Campbell in his incriminating birthday suit. I told him what had happened in my pursuit of this evidence and asked if there was hazard pay. He laughed hard and long. Once he caught his breath and wiped the tears from his eyes he viewed the photos.

He looked up at me and said: “Bravo there’s no hazard pay but there are bonus’s for superb photos and especially clarity. Write a report making sure to not leave out the detail that you saw him go into the room, and what you saw through the window. You can leave out the part of the pile of shit.”

I nodded and left the office with my next assignment. I had to go to work and told him so. I told Don I will get the photo’s of Mike Spenser stalking his ex-wife after work.

After work, I arrived home just as Carole was getting out of her car. She smelled like she was in a cologne factory when there was a malfunction. I would rather smell like that then shit. Although the strength of the scent caused me to gag so I guess it’s a toss up.

Once Carole showered and threw her clothes in the laundry she came into the kitchen where I was making dinner. She told me her assignment was to catch 2 women shop lifting. The store has their own security which the women both know on sight, store management hired the agency knowing they would not recognize anyone from there. They were adept at keeping away from surveillance cameras they have been at this for a long time. Security knew they were doing this and caught them as they were leaving the store. When they were before the judge they convinced him it was a girls day out and they were talking so much they had no intention to steal the garments they just forgot to pay.

Carole followed the women and observed them placing items in their purses, in their bras and even pulled the clothing on under what they were wearing. They were good at it unless you watched carefully you would never notice because they worked as a team using distraction as part of their act. Carole clicked off a few shots before she was noticed. One of the women came running over to her to try and grab the camera while the other sprayed cologne in Carole’s eyes and mouth. Carole has great defensive skills she took them both down simultaneously and the security guards converged on the scene aiding her in the apprehension. Carole said Don told her she would receive a bonus as well.

Her next assignment was to follow Spenser’s ex-wife to see if there was any child neglect or abuse. Great Don and Jack are playing for both sides. Don works for the mom Jack works for the Dad. This should be interesting.

We put our heads together and decided that Carole will try and make friends with Colleen and I would try and follow Mike without being noticed. Carole found out by reading the file on Colleen her routine.

Tomorrow is Thursday on Thursday Colleen takes her 2 children to the park anywhere between the hours of 9 am and 11 am. I set on a bench by the fountain where I could get a good view of the play area and a portion of the parking lot. I noticed a man walking towards the fountain and realized it was Mike Spenser. He walked over and sat near me. A half an hour passed when Colleen walked into the park accompanied by Carole. I sat wondering how she managed that.

Mike noticeably tensed up when he saw Colleen. I continued to look down at my phone which I planned on using for the photos. Mike cleared his throat, I looked over at him and said: “Excuse me?”

He glanced at me and said: “Sorry, just clearing my throat. Allergies.”

I nodded as though I understood, I had hoped this would distract him enough to make a move toward Colleen. He did just that.

I said: “Are you alright?”

He said: “Mind your own business”

I took a photo of him running in the direction of Colleen. I texted Carole that Mike was on the move. Instead of taking a direct route right behind Mike I went around the restrooms and peered from behind a tree. Colleen was pushing her daughter on a swing and Carole was at the bottom of the slide waiting for the boy to descend.


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