Best Friends conclusion

Best Friends Chapter 4

Mike stood off to the side he looked over at me near the tree. I had to turn and walk away, at this point I did not know what else to do except double back and place myself behind Mike.

When I finally got in place I saw Carole and the two kids but I did not see Colleen.

Mike was looking frantically for Colleen he turned toward the parking lot I moved slowly out of his view. I brought my camera up and took a shot of Colleen reaching her hand into a car window, pulling out something in a small Ziploc bag. The substance was white. Damn, I am getting the feeling Mike might be onto something. I am wondering if he is trying to get evidence that would prove Colleen was using drugs.

Mike took photos as well, his photos will be from a different angle which is a good thing. I texted Carole telling her what was going on. Her text back said, “SHIT, she asked if I could watch the kids for a moment because she left something in the car.”

By the time Carole and I got back to the office Mike was coming out of Jacks office, he stopped dead in his tracks, I jumped into Don’s office disturbing him and a client. Mike came storming through the door right after me.

Don stood excusing himself and took me by the arm while motioning Mike to follow us. He ushered us into Jacks office and told Jack he would be right back as soon as he was done with his client. Carole was sitting; she had already told Jack what had happened.

Jack said to Mike: “They work for us, which is a good thing for you.”

After everything was said and done Colleen is in rehab, Mike has temporary custody of his two kids. Carole and I made Two hundred dollar each that week. We decided if this keeps up we will quit our jobs.

Now how do we tell the guys what we have been up too? Dale and Ken are in Boot Camp, not everyone who wants to be a Marine becomes a Marine.

Thus far we have had a chance to Skype chat with our husbands but not much more than that. They both are upbeat and beat up. I guess they figured it would be a breeze since they are in such great shape. This is different than working out at the gym or going hiking, playing sports. Dale described it as “Full frontal contact sport with no referee.”

Carole and I decided we would not tell them until they come home on leave. 12 weeks was a long time but it finally happened the guys came home for a short week. We spent most of our time in bed if you know what I mean. One evening we decided on a campfire and a beer fest.

Carole said: “Well guys Savannah and I have something to tell you. We have been working for a local PI firm. Our goal is to learn the ropes in hopes of getting our own licenses. Thus far we have made enough money per week to quit our other jobs.”

Neither of them said a word for the longest time. The first one to break the silence was Dale he started to laugh, Ken joined in adding: “What the Fuck!”

It is not in their nature to tell us “No you can’t”. We talked that evening about taking precautions, also taking a self-defense class which Carole and I have already started. Neither Carole nor I want to be a secretary at our husband’s security firm we want to participate in a more vital role. Who knows maybe Carole and I can open our own agency and work hand in hand with our husbands from time to time. 4 years is a long time to wait Carole and I figured we should spend that time working towards a goal.


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