Cornerstone Chapter 3

Cornerstone Chapter 3

I went to Cortland’s house after calling him we agreed on a time. When I arrived he greeted me at the door. It was interesting he looked different in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. I did not realize how attractive he is. His hair was not slicked down instead his soft thick curls laid at an angle, his dark eyes seemed to draw me in. I realized I was staring.

He said: “Sorry about my appearance when I am home I can be normal.”

I smiled and said: “Well I don’t get dolled up on the weekends unless I have a special place to go. I like this look better on you.”

We settled in at the counter in his kitchen the pizza had been delivered just before I arrived we cracked open a cold brew clicked them together confirming our alliance.

As we talked about Timberland and his partner Forester especially concerning the viability of the company, Kurt said the company was going under and he used the discretionary fund knowing the workers will be the last to know. Kurt had signed a confidentiality agreement when he signed with the company. Kurt told me knowing my honesty he could trust me with this information.

I, in turn, told him about my conversation with Charlotte and how she knew someone that could look into the financials. Kurt winced at what I had said about Charlotte especially in regards to her knowing someone. I tilted my head giving him a question, “What is it about Charlotte you are uncomfortable with?”

Kurt answered: “Her associate is a hacker, and has been in prison for what he deems a gift.”

My eyes got wide and I said: “Yikes! Should I tell her not to mention anything to her friend?”

Kurt said: “No I will talk to Charlotte.”

I said: “I guess I will start looking for a new job.”

Kurt replied: “Kramer and Justin, I have spoken to them about employment once this mess is cleaned up, they know TF  is going under. I will put a word in for you, Charlotte and a couple of others who are great at what they do.”

When I came to Michigan I initially applied to Kramer and Justin but TF called first. Both wanted to hire me as it turned out.


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