When the dust settles chapter 2

When the Dust Settles Chapter 2
I know in my heart Henry is right about me not pushing myself as much as the men. I had 2 miscarriages doing men’s work. We probably would have had a couple of kids to pass the farm down too had I stepped back and thought about the consequences. My nephew Jordon is a Godsend he is as much a son to Henry as he is to his own father. Jordon loves farming his friends all decided to go to college after high school. Every one of his friends has jobs in business they make more money but the stress shows in their eyes. They love coming here and hanging out with Jordon. They tell Jordon how great he has it;  they would rather have the hard labor and worry over the bills than a job they hate to go to. Yet I believe they would not be satisfied with low wages and hard work they would dream of more. Whereas Jordon truly believes he has it all.
I went out early to pick beans, raspberries, strawberries, lettuce, cucumbers brought them in the kitchen washed them, made a salad, cut up the raspberries and strawberries preparing them to top the sponge cake I will make for dessert. I saved enough beans to go with dinner and froze the rest. As I finished this it was 3 pm I grabbed the lunches I made for Henry and myself and ran out to the barn where he was working he walked over to the hose washed his face and hands, and let the hose run over his head.  He finished by taking a drink from the hose.
I set up a spool for a table put a red checked tablecloth over it, set a bale of straw on either side and we sat down as though we were sitting on the sidewalk of a fancy cafe.  I gave Henry his sandwich and set a dish of fresh fruit to one side he looked at it and smiled then said: “I adore you.” It finally dawned on me I should have been doing this all along. I made a decision when I get a break I will make an appointment to get my hair and nails done. My Henry deserves to look across a spool at an attractive wife.
There are no weekends off when you are a Farmer, even the milk truck shows up seven days a week. The livestock have to be fed their bedding has to be changed, manure has to be shoveled and produce has to be picked. When the corn tassels out it have to be harvested and stored. It seems like a thankless job at times until the winter when you sit back and eat the vegetables, grains that are ground for cereal or bread and you know where your food comes from. There is nothing like it.


3 thoughts on “When the dust settles chapter 2

  1. there is nothing like it… It can be a hard life, sure… one thunderstorm can destroy all dreams and one day can make a difference if you will be poor or rich, but I would love it… farm peeps can see things from a different perspective than other people… they know what it means to throw a whole bread away and they know how long it takes till you have the slice of cheese on a burger ;o)

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    • I love my life now that I am retired I can write my stories bake my own bread, grow my own food I also know exactly where my meat and vegetables come from. I don’t think I could live in the city again. It’s been 20 years since I have. I visit my son and his family only an over night stay and can’t wait to get home.


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