Fall’s Dark Spell Chapter 2

Fall’s Dark Spell Chapter 2


There was a soft splash hitting the rocks along the shoreline; I sat on a large rock just beyond the parking area. I could smell someone burning leaves, smashed apples on the ground smelled like applesauce. I grabbed my thermos and poured some hot chocolate into the cup. After taking the last bite of my sandwich I wadded the paper bag up and walked to the trash container, as I was dropping it into the receptacle a car pulled in. I did not feel like being social able so I meandered back to my spot. The hot chocolate gave off memories of heavy clothes and campfire stories. I smiled remembering the stories that Hunter told, they soon became so embellished that everyone just laughed at the gruesome details given in hopes of scaring us. Hunter was great at those stories always keeping you on the edge of your seat wondering who was going to get whacked. Disturbing as the stories were we relished every detail and usually talked about them afterward.

I looked down to the left of my foot and a chipmunk looked up and me as though I was supposed to give him a treat. I found some crumbs on the rock: I gathered up what I could and sprinkled them on the ground. He vacuumed them up as though there was nothing in the world he wanted to eat but what was just laid before him. He looked up as if to say: “That’s it?” I laughed out loud the sound of my laughter echoed and scared him off.

I decided to go back to my car and continue my journey home. I sat down in the driver’s seat and let out a big sigh. I picked up my cell phone and called Dayton: “Hey hon how is your day going?”

Dayton said: “Good, but I already miss you.”

I said: “I love you Dayton and you were right I needed to do a walk down memory lane, but now I am missing you and I hope you will agree to come and be with us for Thanksgiving I want to start making new memories.”

Dayton said: “I was hoping you would call and say that. I have my bags packed but I won’t be able to leave until 7 pm I have a case that needs my attention.”

I said: “Anything you can talk about?”

Dayton said: “Another body has been found, same as the others. Intricately taken apart and disposed of in black trash bags dumped in the culverts along the back roads. This time a county worker found the bag as he was scraping the road.”



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