Fall’s Dark Spell

Fall’s Dark Spell Chapter 3

I pulled out into the street and decided to drive slowly just so I could take in the beauty around me. I do not know how Dayton can deal with such horrid parts of humanity and still be as sweet and loving as he is. How does the darkness not cast a spell on him and his ability to love and see beauty?

Taking a moment before I pulled into my parent’s driveway I stopped to just sit and stare at the house I grew up in. My bedroom window was in the front above the living room window. I remember staring out that window wishing Hunter would stand in the front yard and serenade me just like Romeo and Juliet. The memory made me smile and shake my head at my immature romantic self; always hoping for a white knight in shining armor would swoop in and carry me away. I read way too many romance novels back then; adult life isn’t like that nor is adult love. We make decisions as adults to either love someone or walk away. My epiphany was completed at that moment realizing I really do have a white knight in my life.

I pulled into the driveway, parking to the left of my brothers SUV. I still have the keys to the house but I expected at least one person to be home. When I opened the door I called out and there was no answer in return. There were cups and glasses on the table as though someone left in a hurry. I walked into the kitchen the aroma of my mom’s macaroni and cheese greeted me. Even though I had my lunch I cannot resist a bowl of her mac and cheese. I sat down to enjoy every carbohydrate that it had to offer.

As I was licking my lips making sure I got every bit of the creamy cheese off the fleshy folds of my mouth; I texted my brother asking him where everyone was? I grabbed my stuff and took it to my room, my mom is forever redecorating she redid my room in earth tones instead of the pink it used to be. I was glad she had made the change because my room looked like someone puked up Pepto Bismol.

After about a half an hour my brother called, he was winded when he said: “Hey, we are all at the Murphy’s playing flag football you should come over and give us a hand we could use your limber tenacity.”

I laughed and said: “I will be right over. Hey, tell mom I called Dayton and told him to come for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Lane said: “She already figured him into the equation. Mom knows you better than you know yourself.”

After an hour Lane called Autumn’s phone several times, there was no answer.

Lane said: “Dad don’t say anything to mom yet, but I am worried about Autumn she should be here by now.”

Autumn’s dad said: “She probably got sidetracked and decided to go on another memorable journey. Let her be, she is working her way through the tunnel of love.”


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