Fall’s Dark spell Chapter 4

Fall’s Dark Spell Chapter 4

By the time Autumn’s family arrived back at the house it was 6:30 pm it had already been dark for an hour. Lane ran up to Autumn’s room to see if she was there, maybe taking a nap and lost track of time. Her room was empty except for her luggage. Lane walked slowly down the stairs his dad knew it was time to tell his wife Sonny.

Sonny stood still while her husband relayed his concern; she then turned to Lane and said: “You should call Dayton he will know what to do.”

Lane was already on the phone with Dayton. Dayton told Lane he got an early start and he should be at the house in minutes.

Dayton pulled into the driveway and was greeted by everyone talking to him at once. Once everyone calmed down, Dayton said: “What we need to do is systematically take different routes to Murphy’s house, looking in all directions may be her car broke down and her battery on her phone went dead. Let’s be positive and work from the perspective that she may be walking back home instead of walking to the Murphy’s. Has anyone contacted the Murphy’s about our concern?”

No one had wanted to worry Murphy’s thinking they would look foolish when she walked up the driveway. Lane called the Murphy’s who had agreed to be on the lookout for Autumn.

Each vehicle went in opposite directions driving slowly pointing flashlights out the windows as though they were trying to shine deer. She was nowhere to be found.  Lane was the first one back at the house even though he did not see Autumn’s car in the driveway he ran up the stairs to see if she was there. She wasn’t. Lane came down the stairs his dad was calling up to him asking: “Is she up there?”

Lane answered: “No.” Just then Lane’s phone rang everyone took a breath. It was Dayton he asked Lane if Autumn was there, Lane told him no she was not. Dayton told Lane he was going to the local sheriff’s department in hopes of getting some professional courtesy; normally they would not put out a missing person alert for 24 hours.

The family sat in a silent vigil until Dayton pulled into the driveway; just as before they met him in the driveway, but this time in silence, expecting the worst hoping for the best.

Dayton got out and said: “A call went out to all the sheriff and city patrols to keep a look out for Autumn and her car. I gave them her description and license plate number. Someone will locate her I am sure of it. Lane, I want you to keep your phone charged and handy I will keep in touch with you. I have an idea that I want to check out.”

Lane said: “I will go with you, I can’t just sit here.”

Dayton said: “Lane I need you here with your parents. Lane your parents need you here.”

Lane reluctantly agreed to stay with his parents. Dayton pulled out of the driveway while everyone else went back into the house.



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