The Fall Color Tour

The Fall color tour

I have grown up in Michigan and each fall my parents and I would do a fall color tour. We packed up our essentials; we did not make any real plans we just got in the car with expectations of finding the crimson red. Crimson red had been my mothers and fathers favorite part of the tour. When my mom passed away my dad and I continued the tradition.

When my father was near his time I promised him I would continue the family tradition; searching for the crimson red.

His last words to me were: “Scarlett I know you will continue the fall tradition. I have instilled in you and taught you that traditions are important we should pass them down for generations to enjoy.”

He taught me down to the last detail the best way to travel is light and the best way to find the brilliant crimson red was to be ready for anything. Where ever we ended up we always looked to a local too show us the perfect spot to enjoy the crimson red. Wild Sumac this time of year is a perfect example of that precious color as are some hardwoods. I packed up my essentials, I did not make a plan, I got in my car and started to drive.

Once I neared Petoskey I followed the road through the tunnel of trees. I got out stretching my legs at the Marina in Petoskey. I sat on a rock looking at the water, I took a deep breath and allowed all the stresses of the past year melt away. I needed to unwind so I do not miss any special part of this sojourning.

When I have a family of my own I will teach them the importance of leaving the world behind in search of the crimson red. There were not many people walking this late in the evening, it will soon be dark. I heard footsteps coming in my direction I did not bother to turn as I was approached.

A male voice said: “Hello, I can see you are enjoying Lake Michigan. Do you mind if I join you?

I turned and looked up into a rugged handsome face. He wore a police uniform, the shirt was unbuttoned and the tails were pulled out of his pants hanging loose.

I said: “Looks like you just got off duty?”

He smiled and said: “Yes, I worked a double shift, midnights and days.”

I wrinkled my brow and asked: “Why a double shift?”

He said: “This time of year for the past 20 years we have had people go missing only to find them months later left in a pile of leaves. The bodies were in a different location but always buried in a pile of leaves. That is the reason I stopped to talk to you, seeing that you are sitting here alone I thought I should warn you and caution who you talk to.”

I nodded and smiled and said: “If you are not too tired I would love to find the best color that can be found in your area. After that, I will head back home.”

I could tell by his expression he wasn’t too tired but he was horny and intrigued. He took me to a wooded area just beyond the city limits. It was beautiful and secluded. We made love beneath a maple tree. As I left I realized I found the perfect crimson red with Officer Slidell. My father would be proud.  I covered him in a pile of leaves and took his car back to the Marina. I climbed into my car and drove home.



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