Carried Away Chapter 2

Carried Away Chapter 2

Things seemed quiet for a couple of weeks until someone started to break the driver side windows on the cars parked alongside the curbs in front of their homes. I made brownies and we met at Marlo’s place to decide how to handle it. The only one that did not come to the meeting was Charlotte she had to work midnights and was sleeping at 9am. We were hoping since she was working during the time the windows were being broken that she would catch the guy, but as luck would have it she was assigned to the other side of the county.

Ideas floated around as to where we could position ourselves to get a good look at the perp or if they were driving, a license number of the car. Marlo took the first point on this she decided since she had a row of shrubs it would be the perfect hiding spot because they were positioned close to the sidewalk and the cars near the curbs. She crouched down with two of my brownies a thermos of hot chocolate cloaked in all black including a thermal blanket. The wait was interrupted one hour into the surveillance by the neighbor’s dog that stealthily walked over to Marlo, lifted his leg and peed on her. I believe the whole neighborhood heard her obscenities when she reared up threw the blanket on the dog and wrestled him to the ground, the dog yelped and whined, Marlo’s neighbor came out in his BVD’s which was a treat for us girls, lean athletic legs, and tush.  He grabbed his dog looked at Marlo like she had lost her mind but was kind enough to thank her for what she was trying to do.

There were no windows broken out that evening probably because of all of the commotion. Charlotte did not need for any of us to tell her what happened because someone called the department to complain someone was abusing a dog. Charlotte figured it had something to do with us.

We waited for a couple of nights to put the next plan into motion; this time it was my turn we decided to lay a mat under the car in front of my neighbor’s house I could roll out or just peak to see who it was breaking out the window. I laid a camping mat down and covered with the black blanket Marlo used before (don’t worry she washed the blanket). I was there approximately 2 hours when I saw two feet by the driver’s side door. I jumped up and whacked the perp only to leave a massive bruise on the side of my husband’s cheek.

Paul turned to me and said: “For Christ sake Charlotte what the heck are you doing?”

“Paul I thought you were the perp breaking out windows. What are you doing getting into the neighbors’ car?” I asked

“I just now remembered I promised him I would pull it into our driveway since I am not going to work tomorrow it will be out of the street. “Paul said

I shook my head and realized Paul and I have a communication problem I speak he nods it doesn’t mean he heard me. I went down to the car across the street positioned myself and promised Paul I will not take action against the perp just get a description.

I did not have to wait long when a car pulled alongside where I was I heard a large whack and glass breaking the perp was in a dark SUV with tinted windows the license plate was Grr645. In a split second, I realized that was Shawna’s car.


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