Getting Carried Away Chapter 3

Getting Carried Away Chapter 3

I pulled out my cell phone called the sheriff’s department to tell them what I had witnessed. The dispatch person laughed so much they had to ask me to repeat myself when I described where I was when this theft and destruction of property occurred.

They found Shawna’s SUV in the school parking lot 3 blocks over.  We all wished the school had purchased surveillance cameras at the beginning of the school year as the PTA suggested. We raised money with bake sales and other fundraisers but instead they used it for computers.

I know what you are thinking: “Are they going to dust for prints?” I asked Charlotte that and she laughed and said: “They only do that on TV. We only do it for murder.”

Well the tech guy did come up with one thing that may narrow it down; Shawna is 5’9” her husband Steve is 6’2” whoever drove the car last was approximately 5’7” to 5’8”, they know this by how the seat was moved and the review mirror was tilted.  Marlo said: “I am surprised the perp bothered with the mirror.”

Charlotte said: “He probably wanted to see if anyone was following him.”

As we stood there in the parking lot of the school Charlotte gave us a scolding for placing ourselves in danger.

I said: “Look, we are trying to keep our community safe. We understand that the Sheriff’s Department is shorthanded and underfunded and we do not mind putting our necks on the line.”

Marlo and Shawna chimed in their agreements and Charlotte just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Rick Thompson, Charlotte’s partner spoke up and said: “Here is what I will do for you ladies, I will talk to a friend of mine who is in under cover and see if she could give you guys some pointers and maybe a helping hand what do you say about that?”

We were beside ourselves with excitement even though Charlotte was vehemently disagreeing with the set up Deputy Thompson immediately called his friend and apprised her of the situation. We were giddy as we walked home together.

It will be morning soon and I was surprised I was still wide awake not feeling tired at all; I figured I would take this energy and spend it on Paul before I make him breakfast. Even though he took the day off from work I know he will not mind getting up for this (in more ways than one).

At 9 am I received a phone call from Marlo telling me that she received a call from Shawna telling her that they can expect the undercover officer at her house by noon. Oh goodie this is going to be a great day.

When I showed up at Shawna’s house Marlo walked in right behind me, I turned to look at Marlo mainly because of the shock on Shawna’s and Deputy Megan Trombly’s face. Marlo was dressed like a hooker.

I asked: “Why in the world are you dressed like a hooker Marlo?”

Marlo said: “Well Deputy Thompson said that Deputy Trombly works under cover so I figured I would dress the part in case I am needed today.”

I was already laughing until tears were flowing down my cheeks, Shawna was bent over holding her stomach laughing and Deputy Trombly was smiling trying to be professional until she finally broke up and joined our chorus of laughter.

Marlo was not a bit put out, she smiled squared her shoulders and said: “I will have you know that Ken wasn’t laughing this morning before work. As a matter of fact he left with a big grin on his face. He said this was better than the time I came to the door naked wrapped up in plastic wrap and asked him if he wanted leftovers for dinner.”

At that Marlo laughed with us and once we calmed down and wiped the tears, we got down to business.


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