Carried Away Conclusion

Megan gave us a rundown on her plan: “I am going to talk to a couple of people on the streets behind Charlotte’s house and the street behind Clara’s house and see if I can get at least two volunteers to do what I am going to suggest you girls do. We are close to Halloween I want you to decorate accordingly, making sure there is a spot where one of you can be dressed as a scarecrow leaning against a tree, diagonally across the street; have one of you dressed as a witch and to another house in close proximity have a coffin with one of you in it. I believe this will give you each a good spot to watch who is coming and going especially on devils night.

We loved the idea and Megan found enough volunteers on the other streets to do the same. Paul loved the idea so much he decided to be the person in the coffin. That would give each of us girls a chance to dress up and place ourselves staggered down the street leaning against trees. I was a scarecrow, Shawna was a witch and Marlo was a large bat.  We got busy the very next day everything was complete by the second night we took to our stations by removing the pretend witch, bat and scarecrow and then took their places at midnight. We only needed to wait an hour a car came cruising slowly down the street.

It slowed in front of the house where Paul was hiding in the coffin. Paul had also placed motion lights around the coffin as soon as he would open the lid loud music would play the monster mash. Nothing happened at first they were pointing and laughing at all the decorations. Then finally the driver’s window came down and a large pipe was slowly extended out of the window.  Marlo was the first to move her wings floated she did not make a sound she just ran, I started to run toward the car and Shawna started to cackle like a witch as we converged on the car Paul popped up the music blared the guys in the car screamed, I yelled: “Place your hands on the steering wheel and give yourselves up.” I did not say I was the police, but it worked perfectly they were screaming I didn’t do it even though the window was shattered and we all saw it. Megan had heard the commotion and was running on foot toward us.

She called out: “Police stay where you are and keep your hands where I can see them.”

A squad car pulled around both corners with lights blaring. We got our perps.

They were two seniors from the local high school both with priors that the police were aware of. This time they came close to being treated as adults both were just shy of 18.  Officer Trombly suggested to the judge they do community service. The Judge said he could not be lenient due to the nature of the offense he would have to give them jail time. The parents were involved which helped with the sentencing they will get 2 years in a jail work program.  In the morning they would be released to go to work and be expected to return at the end of the day. A local towing company who does snow removal and landscaping hired them. Every neighbor that was affected by their behavior hired the company the boys will be doing snow removal plus odds and ends each neighbor needed doing at no extra cost.

I am hoping that winter will be a smooth ride for the neighborhood watch although Marlo still wants her chance as a hooker guess she will have to be satisfied with her own corner of the universe.








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