Old Willies Mart Chapter 2

Old Willie’s Mart Chapter two

The mattresses with the plastic still on them reminded me of our honeymoon with oil and visqueen. Oil up and slide around, it makes the good times interesting. The cleanup is extensive because once you think you have all the crevices oil free something starts to smell like essential oils gone rogue.

After belching and farting from the salsa and bean dip we were ready to get comfortable and watch the next video. Most videos they use for luring people to buy the TV’s are G rated. I am guessing the kids demand the movie and the parents like the big screen and imagine their preferred programming. I scrounged through the back and found Red. I love that movie, retired CIA operatives.  After that movie, Jonathon wanted to role play.

I hid out in the cosmetic aisle pretending to be a model and Jonathon came around the corner dressed in camouflage and he asked: “Mam can I help you?”

I knew right away what he wanted because he had spike heels in his holster instead of a gun. Hey, Lube is plentiful over the counter, so I am golden.  What to do at 2am that you would not do at home? Jonathon concurs that sleeping is not an option since this is a once in a lifetime adventure, which may lead to jail time so we must make the best of it.

The one thing we did not expect is Big Willie who owns the place to stop by. I heard the footsteps coming down aisle 4. I looked at Jonathon with his half-eaten grin from our latest fantasy, the grin was suddenly wiped off his face and reality were taking its place for both of us.

Big Willie was in the building and when I say big I mean all 300 pounds of him. Jonathon decided to meet Big Willie head on, he walked down aisle 4 and said: “Hey Willie my name is Jonathon Teel my wife Leona and I got locked in at closing time we were both in the restroom.”

Willie stopped took a look at me standing a few feet behind Jonathon and I said: “I started a tally of the things we took for our consumption. We will put back the rest of the items.”

Willie said: “I will help you put things back that you used. For the record, the security cameras caught your escapades.”

Jonathon and I looked at each other and then back at Willie. Jonathon was the first to realize that Willie was messing with us.

 Jonathon said: “Really? What took you so long to get here?”

Willies said: “Hey I love free porn.”

It must have shown that I was embarrassed because Willie said: “Mam I don’t have security cameras. “

I asked: “What are you doing here at 2am?”

Willie answered: “After my wife passed away I can’t sleep so I come in do some paperwork for a couple of hours. I then go back home to nap until it’s time to open up for the day, being that we are closed on Sunday I do inventory and paperwork. “

I said: “Well, I will write down our address and I will be expecting you over at 6 pm for a good Sunday dinner.”

Willie accepted the invitation and he said our Saturday’s dinner was on him.

Once we got home Jonathon and I crashed and slept until noon.  Willie came for dinner promptly at 6 and we decided to include Willie every Sunday for dinner. I am hoping one day to introduce him to my cousin Martha.


Old Willies Mart Chapter 1

Old Willies Mart Chapter one

My husband and I got out of work at the same time; we decided to meet at Old Willies Mart to pick up some party supplies (old people weekend stuff) for our Saturday night special. Usually, we pick up beer, rotisserie chicken, and or pizza and then we go next door to the 24-hour movie rental. Tonight we were both running late as soon as we got there we both had to take a leak. I went into the ladies room he went into the men’s room. I am glad we still have that distinction.

The decision making happened when we walked out of the restroom; I looked around and noticed no one at the registers, the emergency lights were on and I heard my husband say: “I think they closed up and we are locked in for the night.”

I looked at him and laughed and then said: “Well, we could call 911, or, go to the camping section pull out a tent, cots, and a sleeping bag, pitch it in the electronics section, hook up a CD player to the 90 inch TV.”

He said: “I will do the technical stuff you go get the munchies and other supplies, but Leona make sure what you chose we can afford. I don’t want to be busted for stealing.”

I am glad my husband is adventurous even though we probably should call 911 or at least an attorney to understand the risk, but damn this might be the best Saturday night for two 60 plus-year-olds. As I was running through the isles as though I just won a free shopping spree I took the time to log into my Blog on Blogster letting my Blog friends know what had happened. Many warned me that we would be in trouble if we did not call 911 right away while others egged us on.

They had already put away the rotisserie chicken so I grabbed some bread, cheese, prepackaged lunch meat, pickles, chips, beer, bottle opener and paper towel. At that point, I figured if we needed anything else I could just run and grab it and add it to the list of what I already took since I started making an itemized list of items and their cost as I went along.

Jonathon was pragmatic he checked to see what movies were already out of the packages; the movies they run as shoppers peruse the store, he also used a DVD player that was already being used by the store. Yep, he is a thinker. The tent would not fit in the aisle in front of the TV so he settled for two bean bag chairs and for sleeping two sleeping bags with a yoga mat as a mattress for each, for one night it will have to do but I may opt for a lounge chair with a yoga mat and a sleeping bag both can easily be replaced for sale.

As we were settling in Jonathon said: “Leona we need to get our stories straight, let’s tell the first people to find us here that we left our phones in the car.”

My eyes went wide and I said: “Oh darn I just posted something on my blog at Blogster.”

He said: “Okay we can either say that our batteries died or say we left them in the car. I will be telling the truth but you could hide yours in that cavernous bag you call a purse.”

I loved that idea and I figured I could do both, make my battery die and hide my phone in my cavernous purse. Eventually, reality will kick in and we will worry about the consequences but right now we are enjoying our bucket list.

I said to Jonathon: “ I am having such a great time it’s as though we are having a private party in someone else’s house.”

He said: “Funny you should say that I was just thinking we should try out the mattresses and pretend it’s in someone else’s bed.”
I said: “Oh and help me get the standup mirrors and place them in the right spots. But make sure you wear a condom we don’t want any incriminating evidence.”

We both laughed and this was one time I did not need a shower afterwards. But I did use the ladies room for a cleanup and stood on my tippy toes for a blow dry.



Body Language Chapter 5 Conclusion

Body Language Chapter 5

The first night I slept like a log after I became accustomed to the noise of nature. The rain finally stopped the wind calmed and my body succumbed to a sound sleep.

It was still dark when I woke up to sounds emanating from the kitchen. I slowly got up and peeked around the door jam. Jake was standing in the kitchen in his black BVD’s. What a beautiful sight first thing in the morning. I went back to my room got dressed and did my best to make myself presentable. By the time I came out of my room the sun had started to rise, the kitchen was filling up with a golden hue through the small window. The aroma of coffee drew me to its liquid wakeup drug.  Jake came into the kitchen and much to my dismay he was fully dressed. I decided then and thereafter this insanity is over I was going to find myself a guy.

Jake’s big grin and deep good morning greeting did not help my libido at all. I really need to get a life beyond work. I sipped my coffee and allowed it to burn its drug through my every vein. After the second cup, I started to feel human. I finally sat down on the sofa and slowly drank my second cup. Jake laughed and said: “I take it you’re not a morning person?”

I smiled and said: “Nope, never have been. Some mornings my poor mom would have to literally pull me out of bed, stand me up and push me gently forward towards the bathroom, as an adult coffee helps me to get my motor running.”

Jake smiled and nodded and I said: “How long do you figure we will be staying here?”

Jake answered: “Depends on how fast Townes is caught and taken into custody. He seems to be good at what he does. I am concerned that he is good enough to figure out where we are. It would not take me long to figure it out if I were in his shoes and from what I understand Townes has a military intelligence background.”

My breath caught in my throat and the coffee went down the wrong pipe I started to cough and excused myself. I went into the bathroom to do my morning business and blow my nose. When I came out Jake was standing by the door, he had his finger to his lips to shush me. He took my shoulders and ushered me into my bedroom motioning for me to get into the closet. I sat down on the floor of the closet he threw pillows around me and a comforter over me and closed the door; I assumed all that was for protection. At that moment I was glad I already peed because I was scared shitless.

Everything was silent until I heard a door being busted in. Footsteps quickly came in the kitchen area, I could hear controlled breathing and sidestepping then again the steps came forward into my room. The room filled with the sweat of evil and expectation of death.

I heard a thump and then a thud and the dragging of something large. Suddenly everything went silent again; all I could do was cry. Finally, I heard Jakes’ voice say: “It’s me.” The closet door opened and Jake pulled me to himself, he took me to the living room set me on the couch.

He said: “Sit here I have him tied up outside. It’s going to be a long day.”

I nodded, he took my cup refilled it and his. After he handed me my cup he went back outside. It took a couple of hours before cars pulled in the driveway. The first car two men with vests that said FBI on them got out they walked over to Jake and spoke to him, then one of the men turned and walked toward the house.

He came in and sat on the couch asked me questions I had already answered a few times. It was a very long day, at the end of the day Jake asked if I wanted to stay or go back to the city. I said I really wanted to stay. I told him I had nothing to go back to just yet since my apartment was still a crime scene and my boss was in the hospital healing from the beating Townes gave him.

After 2 weeks I was finally ready to see what life without my best friend would be like. I needed to mourn and heal. Brian was kind enough to get a professional cleaning crew to clean my apartment. Linda had already been buried and her personal things removed from the apartment. Today I will visit her grave and say my goodbyes, tomorrow back to work and life.

Body Language Chapter 4

Body Language Chapter 4

Once we got in the car and were on the road out of town I finally asked: “What’s happened?”

Jake said: “Detective Reed was found dead in her apartment. The same way your friend was killed. Townes is nowhere to be found.”

I said: “Crap”

Jake was looking straight ahead the oncoming lights flickered on his face leaving me only a moment to take in the similarities yet subtle differences between Jake and Brian.

I said: “At first I thought you and Brian were twins. But now that I have had a moment to look at you I realize you are not.”

He smiled continued to look straight ahead and said: “I am a year older than Brian. Maybe when he grows up he will be as handsome as I am.”

We both laughed my stomach was in a knot my head was pounding from too much wine and this whole thing is just too much to believe. I stayed quiet for the rest of the ride. It took over 3 hours before we pulled onto a two-rut road which leads to a log cabin. The sun was starting to awake from its slumber.

We got out of the SUV Jake grabbed our luggage; I was on the porch when he reached out and unlocked the door. The room was small, with a fireplace, a sofa, and two overstuffed chairs. The kitchen was off to the far right; it was as big as the living which incorporated the dining area two rows of cupboards, stove refrigerator. Jake had enough time to fill the refrigerator with food; can goods were still in the bags on the dining table as was coffee and paper products. There was a small window above the sink and a side door leading out of the dining room the door did not have a window just a peephole.

Back in the living room, there was a small window facing in the direction of where we came in. Jake busied himself and started to build a fire in the fireplace; he said: “Pick what room you want they both have full-size beds and are the same size. “

I chose the one closest to the bathroom. I dropped my things in the room and went back into the kitchen to put the canned goods away and make some coffee. I was starving so I asked Jake if he was hungry, he said he was. I made breakfast.

There was no television or internet service my phone only had one bar. Jakes phone was operated by satellite he said he used it while hunting and hiking he said even though it was pricey he felt it was worth the cost. At this point, I was glad because without his phone we would not have contact with the outside world and we would not know what was going on. I could not deal with a satellite phone due to the size if it doesn’t fit in a small pocket it’s too big. I mentioned that to Jake he said: “I have a cell phone for use in the city the satellite phone is only for use when I am far from everything. I prefer to be far away from everything.”

We ate our breakfast and discussed the events leading up to this road trip.

Body Language Chapter 3

Body Language Chapter 3

My boss Brian Carter arrived at the room 2 hours later he had my suitcase and a bag of takeout. We sat amiably at the small table he had given me a choice of a tuna melt or a patty melt, I chose the tuna melt. In between mouthfuls, I told him about everything that had happened including the description of Don Townes the undercover cop. Brian had dealt with Townes in the past because of one of his clients that were suspected of dealing drugs.

Brian said: “Every client tells you that they are innocent and that they are being set up but this time something told me the client was telling the truth.”

I told him what Detective Reed had said about Townes. Brian nodded and said: “I have called my brother. Jake has just come back from Iraq, he said he will get back to me as soon as possible. He said he had a friend who owns a cabin north of here. If the police have any more questions they can talk to me. I figure he won’t try to hurt me being a well-known attorney, but you would be an easy target.”

I nodded and said: “Thank you, I did not know where to go or who I could trust at this point. I haven’t even had a chance to mourn the loss of my dear friend.”

It was late before Brian left his brother Jake called and said he will pick me up at the room at 5 am.  I know I won’t be able to sleep so I snuck out and went to the store to buy some wine. My heart pounded the whole time but I did not believe that Townes would know this soon where I would be. I also knew that Brian was right I cannot stay here more than one night.

My phone rang at 3 am it was Brian he said: “Get up get dressed your leaving town in 15 minutes. Jake will knock on your door right now.”

My foggy brain was not clearing too quickly I stepped out of bed as soon as I heard the knock at the door. I looked through the peephole and only saw a chest wearing a dark leather jacket. I opened the door and saw the spitting image of Brian with no hair and at least 5 inches taller.  If it were not for the circumstances I would have said: “This is my lucky day.”

In one motion Jake pushed me into the room and started to bark orders: “Get dressed we need to get out of here now.”

I ran around grabbing my clothes pulling them on as I stumbled looking for my shoes. When I turned I saw a grin on Jakes’ face. I did not think about the fact I was in my bra and underwear when I answered the door. I hope he was thinking this was his lucky day.

He grabbed my suitcase and I grabbed my backpack we took the service elevator down to the alley where Jake had parked his SUV.

Body Language Chapter 2

Body Language Chapter 2

I could not go back to the apartment, and I know I don’t want to go to any of my friends’ places because I figured if he is a cop that would be the first place he would look for me. The only way he would know that there is a witness is if Phyllis tells him.

I was on a bus headed out of town; all I had with me was what I had in my backpack and purse. I went to an ATM just outside of the precinct and took as much cash as was allowed. I called my boss and told him what was going on. I work for an attorney; I just started a year ago. I am a glorified gofer for now but I hope to work up to being a legal secretary. I have the education but this firm makes everyone start at the bottom. I am glad they did not stick me in the mail room.  My boss told me to go to a room they use for clients from time to time. The room is in a moderately expensive hotel. It was a small suite with a TV small table, two chairs, a sofa and two queen size beds. He called ahead and told the people at the desk I was arriving, and told them to keep my presence private.

Once I got to the room my phone rang it was Phyllis she spoke in a quiet conspiratorial voice. “Elaine, was that the man you saw at your apartment?”

I said: “Yes, what was he doing at the police station and why did he go into the Chief’s office?”

She said: “He works undercover Narcotics. He is a sergeant. He has been under scrutiny for the past couple of months I cannot tell you why but just to let you know that I know why you left.”

I said: “Please be careful.”

She hung up without saying anything more.  I sat on the sofa trying to pull myself together.

My phone rang it’s my boss: “Elaine, I am going to your place and grab you some of your things. Tell me if there is anything specific you want. I will call when I am done and bring you something to eat.”

I gave him a short list told him where my suitcase was and laughed to myself that my boss was going into my underwear drawer, which kind of excited me. He is so handsome. The intimate thought lingers for a moment which helped to calm me. I am sure he knows what he is doing, but I hope he doesn’t get into trouble for disturbing a crime scene. I still do not know exactly what happened to Linda. As soon as I saw her tied up to the bed and the blood I knew she was dead.

Body Language Chapter 1

Body Language Chapter 1

I sat at Detective Phyllis Reed’s desk sweat still lingered on my clothes, I shivered from the chill and shock of what had happened to my best friend.

Detective Reed asked: “Elaine, tell me what you saw, go slow and try not to leave anything out.”

I said: “I was coming home from the store; my arms were filled with bags of groceries. As I climbed the stairs I heard Linda cry out ‘No’, I started to take the stairs two at a time. By the time I reached the landing leading to our apartment I saw a man come out of our apartment. I turned the corner hoping he did not see me. He walked steadily toward the stairs. I peeked around the corner to get a good look at him. He was at least 6’ tall. He wore a black T-shirt and black jeans. He had a tat with a snake that ran the length of his arm it wrapped around his wrist. The snakes head was on his thumb. He stood at the landing before descending; it looked like he was listening to see if anyone was around. I stood as still and as quiet as I could. After what seemed to be forever he finally took the stairs two at a time going down and out. When I heard the door for the outside open I sprinted to my apartment. I found Linda on the bed.”

Detective Reed listened intently as she took notes and asked questions clarifying what I was saying. She got up excused herself and asked if she could get me a coffee or water. I opted for coffee.

There were desks around the room placed in rows of three; I was in the last row of desks at the far right side of the room. The door in front of me was half glass half wood. Etched in the glass was the name Donald Stuart Chief of Detectives. Elaine brought me a coffee and went into the Chief’s office.

I sat sipping the bitter brew as other Detectives were on the phone or rustling through papers. I heard the sound of a train rattle and clack closely by it shook the room. The rain came down with its haunting dance as the lightning static booms lit the room.  Someone was approaching me from behind their shoes had the wet squeaky sound I turned to see who it was. He had on black jeans, black T-shirt with a back denim jacket. He walked quickly to the Chief of Detective’s office and went inside. Phyllis was still inside I could see her sitting in a chair across the desk from the Chief. She turned to look at me; I had tears and horror written all over my face. I got up and ran out of the police station.  My brain was fumbling around looking for a reason why the man who killed my best friend and roommate just walked into precinct where I was giving my account of the incident.

The Path conclusion (sequel to The girl down the street)

The Path Chapter 4 (sequel to The Girl down the street)

My first day back to school word had already gotten around about Ellie; people were great, they acted as though I never had a dog with me before. My palms were sweaty; my stomach was queasy each time I left the house for the first month. Ever so slowly I started to feel strength and normalcy returning.

Winter started to settle in which made my drive some mornings a living hell. I started to consider finding something closer to town. I could not imagine getting stranded out in the middle of nowhere. I spent a lot of time at the library that is where I met Anita Keane. We slowly became friends and I started to share with her about my past. We soon found out we had something in common. She was raped by her step-father. Anita had a flat in town and being I no longer have a dog she invited me to share the flat with her. I discussed this with my parents and with Claudia and Brad. They were supportive and Claudia even said: “It would be good for you to have a friend and slowly become more independent. Brad and I will check on you regularly and you have an open invitation to Sunday dinner.”

Brad and Jason helped me move my meager belongings I donated Ellie’s toys, her bed to a shelter. I even considered adopting a dog but that would have meant I would have had to stay at the farm.

By the end of the first year, I was well on my way to becoming a normal person. I stayed on for the summer taking classes so I could finish within 3 years. Anita took the summer off. It was oddly quiet in the flat without Anita. I spent my off time at the farm but studied at the library or at the flat. Late in July, there was a knock at the door; my heart started to pound and the flight response took hold. I stood frozen three feet from the door staring at the door as it vibrated with each knock. Finally, a familiar voice said: “Christine, are you home.” It was Willow.

Willow came in she had a picnic basket with her, Claudia had packed us a meal that could feed a party of 6; it included a bottle of wine. Willow asked if I wanted to go to the beach with her to swim and have a picnic. I relented even though this would take me beyond my comfort zone, I don’t remember the last time I wore a bathing suit. Willow brought one of hers which fit me perfectly. It was a black one piece with a cover-up. I kept the cover-up on until we went into the water. I never had told Willow the reason why I had Ellie and she had never asked. When we went back to my flat we opened the bottle of wine I told her about Rats. She cried and held me, I surprised myself by feeling nothing, and it was a matter of fact no longer the lingering open wound; it is now just a scar of my past that was slowly fading.

Life seems to be moving forward for me and I am looking forward to getting my Veterinarian license so I can help those who cannot speak for themselves. Willow works as a waitress at a diner near the college we see each other every day. Anita is back and we are starting to be in sync. I believe these two new friends will be my saving grace.

The Path Chapter 3 (sequel to The girl down the street)

The Path

Chapter 3 sequel to ‘the girl down the street’

Ellie was 3 years old when I got her, I find myself so dependent upon her that it would be devastating if something happened to her. As I sit on my bed contemplating what has happened in the past year and in years past I realize how much I have been through and how far I have come, yet I still depend on Ellie.

My classes will be starting on Monday I am excited and scared knowing I am starting a new adventure in my life, one that will take me out of my comfort zone. Each instructor has a right to deny Ellie in their classrooms. My first weeks here I decided to deal with it head on; I went to each instructor told them about Ellie and why I need her. I also asked them to keep what I am telling them privately not wanting to share my intimate details with the world nor share my weakness. They were all understanding and very supportive. One of the instructors said the only time there may be a problem is if one of the other students have allergies or has a fear of dogs.

The first day I had 3 classes, they each went smoothly, a problem did not arise in regards to Ellie until the last class of my second day. One of the students was opposed to me having Ellie there; he did not believe that I had a disability warranting a service dog. The instructor pointed out that Ellie and I went through a rigorous training and vetting process.  For the time being Ellie will be able to escort me; the instructor told me that the policy of the college was that service dogs were allowed for those who were sight impaired but that the guidelines did not specify any other maladies that would warrant a  service dog.

No one mentioned Ellie again; many were indifferent to being in class they were focused on the class at hand. Some were positive and treated her like she was a mascot. By October I noticed Ellie was having problems getting up from a sitting position, it soon became apparent she was having hip problems. I took her to the clinic where other students were working and gaining credit for their Veterinary degrees. My worst fear was realized after taking X-rays. Ellie’s hip dysplasia was severe; I called my parents and told them through my hysteria that I was going to have to put Ellie to sleep. My dad said to wait till he arrived he would take her home and bury her in our backyard. I waited and spent the last night with Ellie sleeping with her in my bed as I wet her fur with my tears.

Once my dad left I felt as alone as I did when Rats snatched me off the street. Claudia and Brad were so wonderful showering me with attention, affection, and food. Jason came home with his girlfriend Willow Labinski. I smiled when I heard her last name and that reaction did not go unnoticed she sat down next to me and we started to talk about all things Polish. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways. Don’t get me wrong I was still upset, but my new friend Willow took some of the sting away.

The Path Chapter 2 (sequel to The girl down the street)

The Path

Chapter 2 sequel to ‘the girl down the street’


Ellie and I finished our training and graduated as a team in July after my graduation from high school. I was accepted into the Veterinary school with no problem. My biggest hurdle was finding a place to live while in college. During the day Ellie would be with me, the only time she would be in an apartment or house was when I was with her she would never be left alone because I am not ready to be alone.

There were a lot of people working alongside me but it came down to me. Ellie and I took a trip to the college we stayed at a Drury Inn and took the time to call and visit many places that were available to rent. I finally found one outside of town. There was a farm that had a room for rent. I decided to take it even though it was a half an hour ride into town. My day would keep me out of the room and only be there to sleep.

My grand exodus from home was filled with bittersweet goodbyes and many well wishes. The drive to the farm was eerie to me because I now am on my own and need to grow from here. I did my breathing exercises each time I started to have a panic attack.  Ellie was great during those moments she would alternate from licking my face to laying her head on my lap.

I pulled into the driveway at the farm and was greeted by two dogs, Ellie was thrilled to see Salt and Pepper two immense Permease Mountain dogs.  I opened the door and Ellie jumped out to play tag and sniff butts with Salt and Pepper. Claudia was at work and her husband was in the fields, her son Jason was with the cows.  I had spoken to Brad, Claudia’s husband on the phone before I left, he had told me to just go to my room and make myself at home. I left Ellie with her friends and I dragged our gear up to my room. It was large and sunny with a small closet, two dressers. I put my things in the dresser and transformed the closet into a space for Ellie. There is a bathroom at the end of the hall that I will be sharing with the family.  The money that I pay for rent will help this family with the day to day needs of the farm. I have come to understand farmers depend so much on their crops and livestock that their very existence hinges on the weather and health of the farm.

Once I got my room squared away I brought Ellie in to let her sniff our new home and her special space. I fed Ellie and headed out to town, I wanted to walk to our classes to give Ellie a sense of our new life together.

The campus was near deserted except for a few students and faculty doing summer classes. I plan on doing summer classes to finish my degree a year early.

As I turned the corner to go back to my car I heard footsteps behind me. I don’t know why I had a flight or fight thought go through my head. I turned slightly to see who was behind me. He was tall, dark and attractive. Ellie let out a little growl warning. The guy said: “Is that dog dangerous?” I answered: “Only if someone messes with me?”

I made it to my car and as I was turning the key in the ignition; I was doing my breathing to calm myself down. Sweat slowly cooled me off, giving me a cold chill. It is the end of July and I turned the heater on for a few moments just to feel the comfort of the warmth blowing on me. Once I crossed over the line separating the town from the country I rolled the window down turned the radio up and slowly drove to the farm.