Entry into soiled hearts
Triumphant entry
Is conceived after death
Giving up self
Creates a marriage
Two souls conjoined
Fronds of love
Waved at the Husband
Life is the reception
Marriage made in heaven.


I strive to see

I strive to see,
At times the bell rings its
While other times
Prayers pronounce,
Darkness taunts hope’s
Prevailing sentiment,
Empowers hope.
Those who arise to shine,
Embrace truth.

In a Whisper

Within a whisper a child is born
The passion of lovers

In a whisper
Passion springs forth

Passions name determines their being
In a whisper their being whispers

The world responds to their souls
Continuing the ripple of whispers

Emma’s Poem


I am second but I am first

As I grew my soul and being

Did come into existence with love

My bubble kept me safe

I could not see mom or dads face

But I heard them say I love you

As I grew I knew their voices

And Madison’s touches with wet kisses

Our mom’s belly was a chamber

I heard the echoes of love and laughter

Mom told Madison about me

I know everyone is waiting to see me

They have met me through God’s love

God divides joints, bones, and marrow

Man chooses what to keep for his tomorrow

Love draws me to my time on earth

Peace is still before my birth

As I arrive kicking and screaming

My parents will guard my life’s meaning

Madison will be waiting with her smile

I will wonder what’s going on for a while

Mom and dad’s love and instinct will show the way

Madison will love me anyway

At first, she might be mad at me

There used to be only three

But soon our connection will be firm

From there we will join into a pact as sisters

Only to bring to confusion all who witness

Love will prevail as we grow

Madison and I will be best friends

That I know