Power Up Short Story

Here I am living my dream with 2 dogs a great job and a home of my own. The problem is someone has come into my life stirring up feelings I have long put away after the death of my husband. I know Brent would be fine with me moving on but I am comfortable with the way things are. I love my routine. This man will flip my routine off its axle. I do not meet many people being that I work from home. Analyzing computer software, security and building websites allowing me the freedom to work from home. Not that I need the income with the life insurance monthly allotment I could be comfortable without the extra income. I do like working, being creative and keeping my mind active.

I met him at a Diner in town while I was eating breakfast he asked if I could pass the cream. I did our eyes met my loins stirred and I blushed. He introduced himself to me while I was paying for my meal. Jason works at the power plant in town. I do security updates on their computers which are an integral part of their total security.

I did agree to meet Jason for breakfast in two days at the same Diner. Is what I am feeling cold feet?t I have not dated in 15 years? Or is it something else? I am not sure. I am comfortable going to the Diner, it is owned by two fireman and two police officers. The name of the Diner intrigued me Blazing Blues. The menu is a mixture of cajun, American and mama’s home cooking.

Thursday came, I nearly had a panic attack. Jason was waiting for me when I arrived. We talked about work, family, pets, and future plans. Jason has no pets he said he never had time for them. I laughed and said: “That right there is one strike against you.”

He laughed we finished our meal and as we were leaving Jason invited himself over for Friday night, he offered to bring Chinese take out. I say he invited himself over because he did not ask me out he said: “I will bring Chinese Tomorrow evening when I stop by.”

I said: “No I have plans maybe another time.”

That put me off. Right then and there I decided not to see him again. Instead of going straight home I decided to walk around the block and go back into the Diner. The thought occurred to me Jason knew where I lived.

Glen was working the kitchen. Glen is a fireman but I felt comfortable enough to walk in the kitchen and tell him my misgivings, knowing he would pass the information on to his partners. He told me I was smart not to trust someone so forward.

After I arrived home I took the girls out. Fred and Wilma were waiting for me at the door. My fenced in yard allows us to go out and play with no distractions. With an acre of wide open running and chasing squirrels from tree to tree. Playing fetch until they are satisfied.

I decided to get some work done after I check the Power companies employees list. Jason Morgan was not anywhere on the list. Panic started to build up in me. I called the Diner, Glen was passed the phone. I told Glen what I found out explaining that Jason said he had worked for the Power Company 10 years. It was a lie.

Glen said he would call Mark right away, Mark was on duty. Mark arrived at my door 15 minutes later. Mark is a detective he has an unmarked car. I brewed coffee Mark took his time asking what I knew about Jason.

I said: “I only know what he told m,e which seems to be all lies. What could he want with me?”

Mark said: “It may have something to do with the security of one of your accounts.”

I told Mark how I was apprehensive about seeing Jason.

I said: “I blew it off as cold feet due to not dating for 15 years.”

Mark said: “Intuition can twist a gut without explanation or warning.”

I nodded and noticed the girls were getting edgy. Mark had noticed it as well. Mark motioned for me to quietly take the girls into my bedroom closet. I was scared beyond reason.

Fred, Wilma and I sat in my closet. The girls started barking furiously when the shots rang out. The scuffle mixed with Mark yelling “Freeze I am a police officer put your hands in the air lay flat on the ground!” That is when the first shot rang out. Then a second shot. The silence which ensued was frightening.

I did not know if I should stay or move. If Mark was killed Jason would be coming for me. Slowly and as quietly as I could I reached for the shoe box that has my gun in it. Just as I snapped in the clip I heard Mark outside the door telling me it was okay to come out.

As I emerged from the closet I heard sirens, Mark was on his phone explaining the situation. Mark was bleeding from the wound in his shoulder but all and all he was alright. Jason was cuffed to a cupboard door, laying on my kitchen floor. Mark had returned fire catching Jason in the hand which held the gun.

It was a month later when I learned that Jason was friends with Ahmed Mohammed they had plans to disrupt the power. Had they been able to do what they set out to do over 1 million people would have been left without power. There is an ongoing investigation trying to determine how far reaching this was and if there were any other threats for us to worry about.