Hearts of Discontent

Scream at me your discontent

Mark your foreheads

wrench your malice clothes

Bare your grievance with defiance

Burn the embers of bigotry

Show your souls darkness

Life matters yet only yours

Money is at the core

Shouts of blame fingers pointed

showing many are united

Yet the truth be known

Words are coerced

Ministers at pulpit bible and verse

Cheers of hallelujah rings out the chores

Inciting the forces, all are for us

empty burnt offerings raised

Children left without protection

Parents raise up an insurrection

Catharsis of emotions

Futility fans the flame of devotion

Defeat spurs next sermon

Participants lose revolutionary chide

Limitations of riots moral conundrum

When will victory come?

Beneath the discontent

A stirring will never be met

With victory with blood spent

Hollowed walls of anarchy

Reality of diversity

lies beneath the misery

listen to your heart

Never the speaker

Fist and wrath are not strength

Listening is not weaker

sharing values with your children

Will always be the place to begin

Finger pointing should be inward

before we shout our moral dilemmas

Work ethic with sweated brow

Calloused hands against the plow

Sit downs not sit in’s

Here is where it begins

Civics 101 needs teaching

One on one


Flames of Wrath

Flames of wrath enter the streets

Mayhem brought to store-keeps

Neighbor upon neighbor

Yielding their petulant discontent

Rights are theirs for peaceful discourse

One throws a punch another a bullet

Discourse turns cars upside down

fire ablaze hate then creeps

Fear of what is not known

Truth being hidden from citizens

media blazon miss direction

fans the flames of hate and bigotry

Leaders lead with flaming tongues

upholding the rational of the thug

Knowing better the law of the land

Instead they say “Yes you can”

Children with signs of hate

Parents spewing this is great

Lives matter to us all

Leaders must ring out a new call

Hold accountable leaders of violence

No longer allowing laws to be broken

Media’s words will be held to the light

Journal events no longer editorialize

A word to the wise among us

If you agree with me or not

Show by example

Love as you want to be loved

Those with the heart to love

Measure your words

Wait with your response

Peace is not passive

Peace comes to those who choose

Walking away from a fight

is an act of valor

Not a sign of cowardice

Stand your convictions

By volunteering where there is need

IF we all go by this creed

The shallow will eventually concede

By Christine Swiderski

When Darkness Falls

When darkness falls

When darkness falls upon the heart of man

Light diminishes in the land

thrones of sulfur pulsates within

Hate’s aggressions destroys the land

Owners, freethinkers forfeit their rights

With every dark heart that ignites

How do we put out the blaze

Families of the soulless maze?

Politicians with a cause?

Promising a pocket full of miracles?

Is this the answer?

Or something fancier?

Shall we press back again

Speaking the truth from above

Tell all to love

Judging each man

By the integrity of his plan

Starting in our own mirror

the glare will be clearer

Taking that wisdom to

The politicians who knew better

There is no right in wrong

It is part of the throng

Holding them responsible

For the trouble they cause

Holstering our fear and rage

Let honesty take the stage.

Integrity is in the putting

Not in the shooting

Take back our streets

One harden soul each time we meet.